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Pokémon GO granny claims every Gym in town, Police intervene as granny blocks town’s Gym coins

Trainers, gather ’round, because have we got a story for you. Ever found yourself daydreaming about becoming the Gym Leader of every Gym in town? Sounds like a power move, right? But what happens when that dream turns into someone’s daily mission, and not in a fun way?

Picture this, a retiree, let’s call her Gym Guardian Granny, is living the Pokémon GO dream… or maybe we should say, she’s creating a Pokémon GO nightmare for everyone else. This avid gamer drives around town every day, booting out Trainers from Gyms like she’s swatting flies off her Jell-O. And get this, she’s been doing it for so long that folks are starting to lose interest in even trying to hold a Gym.

Yeah, you read that right. She’s so territorial about her Gyms that she’s been reported multiple times. But wait, it gets wilder. Some Trainers claimed she even followed them home, staking out like a detective in a noir film, keeping tabs on them right from their own front yard! Now, I’m all for friendly competition, but this is some next-level intensity, folks.

Person in my town stopping everyone else from getting their 50 coins.
byu/No-Pilot-1252 inpokemongo

So, how did the community respond? Someone called the police to report her for harassment. No, it wasn’t us, but wow, can you imagine getting that call as a police officer?

So what’s your take on this Gym Guardian Granny saga? Is she a Pokémon GO vigilante, or has she crossed a line? We’re genuinely curious about your thoughts, so hit that comment section, and let’s chat.

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  1. Niantic USED to have overprotectiveness of gyms as a violation of their ToS. There’s a player near where I live that also hold a few gyms with an iron fist. Took forever to get gold badges on them. It’s very unsportsmanlike conduct. Tack on being a spoofer with near a dozen accounts like the player I know and it’s not a fun time. Guy lives a few blocks from the gyms as well!

      1. I didn’t realize Pokemon GO included stalking and harassment in its playbook. This woman actually followed people to record their daily routines and/or ensure they would never get access to the towns gyms. She’s utterly obsessed and it’s not healthy for her or the game.

      2. Pretty depressing how you’ve responded to all comments that bash the granny for the gym stuff but then completely ignore how she’s following people home. You are the granny bruh

    1. Unsportsmanlike to win? That’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard today. If it’s being done without cheating then there is nothing wrong with it

  2. Granny is so far over the line she cannot see it from where she’s at.

    While I did that once, the town only had one gym, and I had to join a neighboring town:s FB group to get kicked out after 45 days.

    There is also a gym in my area that I sit in so much (1350 days), that my rule is that if I get kicked out, I have to let the other person be in for at least 8h 20m to get their 50 before I can retake it.

    Hopefully a player puts a Little Free Library in their yard, gets it nominated and turned into a Gym, so they can ruthlessly kick her out. Also, they should coordinate, each take sectors of town, and ruthless kick her out at one specific time.

      1. I say, get good then, scrubs. When you’re retired and have nothing better to do, this is what happens. Find a strategy and take her down. Don’t report her or call the police because you’re salty lol

        1. They called the police because she was stalking them not because of the fact that she’s kicking people out on a phone game… get a grip and maybe learn reading comprehension

    1. She’s not over the line. You need serious mental help. You’re supposed to take over gyms and maintain them. That’s how you play the game. Stop acting like a whiny child.

      1. Are you also supposed to stalk the townsfolk and wait for them in front of their homes to ensure they never take your gyms? Because that’s what she is doing. If you think that’s normal behavior you’re the one that needs help

      2. They called the police because she’s stalking people back to their homes, not because she’s kicking them out of the gyms.

      1. Again, stalking people and keeping track of them in their homes is not part of Pokémon Go. That is harassment-which is definitely illegal.

  3. Nah, I would take one of her gyms, then post up in a bush with a paintball gun and light her car up when she comes through.

  4. Personally, I resent people that knock others out of a gym without letting them get at least one coin. I’m currently in Tokyo, so I rarely get a chance to even leave a Pokémon, there are so many players. I think others should share the wealth and let folks in a gym until they get some coins.

  5. Gram gram don’t got time for this generations filthy casuals because she gotta get them cookies out the oven before The Price is Right comes on

    1. Exactly, get good people are out here calling the police and or reporting her. And these comments are worse… let someone shoot my car with paintballs because they’re mad about a pretend way point… they’d find out fast, let’s just say that

  6. We have a level 50 granny that bullies all the gyms in our neighborhood (SF Bay Area). Every day, her 2 accounts appear in all the gyms. That was before I started working from home. Now, I wait for her to beat my 3 gyms and I go take them back within 30 minutes. If it’s another trainer then I just let them take it.

  7. So, my grandma used to go out when she could and spin every stop and gym but would never be this rude. She let’s people get their 50 coins before she boots them. She lives in a small town so not many gyms there. There was thise one gym where someone lived right next door and they would always boot her as soon as she took it. And she always checked to see how long someone was there. She actually made friends with a guy who worked at one of the stops and they would wait until the other has their 50 coins. Crazy how some people are with this game.

  8. My town had a some butt-muppet who’d hold every gym, and if you managed to take one, and if he managed to leave the house instead of spoof… well regardless, it was only a few minutes before he was taking it back.

    He’d try to mean-mug me like he was bad but would never get out of his car to get dealt with. He neglected his wife and kid for PoGo.

    I passed him one day on the way to the store, he was battling a gym. His wife was at the store and ended up in front of me in checkout. I watched her carry three bags of groceries across the parking lot, through the intersection, and on down the street, all in the pouring rain! Boy-O was like “screw my wife, she can shop and walk in the rain, I’m playing PoGo.”

    I think they eventually moved out of town, I haven’t seen em in a few years.

    1. We had a group that did this and basically killed one of the communities I play with, we finally got them to stop by simply just talking to them. We found out that someone called the police on them, and they assumed it was one of the group members there was some friction with. The community is slowly regrowing and they are still territorial over the 5 gyms near their house. But for the most part we can all hold gyms again

  9. I hope the person who called the police was arrested for wasting police time, along anyone threatening to shoot and old woman’s car with paint because she’s playing a game.

    She’s not doing anything wrong. She’s playing the game the way it’s meant to be played.

      1. Just ignore them, whenever someone mentions the stalking they ignore it because they cannot defend that.

        Just a crappy troll being crappy at being a troll.

  10. We have one of these in our neighboring town. She has been called out multiple times. We actually make it a game to go out and poke the bear. In our discord groups, she had said it’s to keep the flow going…but there is no flow when it’s her and her 5 accounts. She constantly complains about people who don’t live in her town occupying spaces but has no problem coming to our town and inserting herself in our gyms. A group of us went out and had a gym takeover spree, leaving them empty so we don’t get a target on our back…yea yea dick move…she tracks us down and followed us from spot to spot. She didn’t take into account that I have no problem speeding and going through a yellow light. We lost her that night. Sheer comedy. She’s confronted outsiders and told them those are her gyms. She’s been kicked out of every discord group and Facebook group for her behavior. Her “friends” have ditched her because of this. She’s basically put a large target on her own back.

  11. There was a couple in my area who blocked out massive gym territories supposedly in an effort to hold a gold gym record (or whatever the stupid metric was, I quit two years ago due to increasing Niantic BS). I would see homeboy from the couple driving around, and he would literally just spend hours upon hours every single day driving from gym to gym and go retake as soon as someone took a gym. They used an army of alts controlled across several devices to abuse golden berry feeding to a point you could only steal a gym if they were simultaneously busy in personal life.

    It was a respectable amount of effort that unfortunately relied on game breaking violations of ToS with the massive alt armies. Taking notes on local trainer schedules, etc… took things to an inappropriate social extent. Forcing casual players into microtransactions if they wanted to obtain shop items for event participation was straight BS. Of course, reporting them for legitimate ToS violations did nothing. Niantic has historically been more reputed for their accidental ban waves than successful/consistent enforcement of ToS, even when the offending players are having a negative community effect. All this blah blah we care about your communities press they put out, but Niantic cared more hiking microtransaction and event profits than developing an adequate help team or creating legitimate new content for their game.

  12. I think that granny is doing way too much. The game is supposed to be fun, and she’s taking the fun out of it. If are getting so discouraged to the point they are reporting her then she’s doing way too much and needs to let everyone just play.

  13. I mean, doesn’t the game already tell you when your pokémon is kicked from a gym? How do we know she’s really stalking these people? If she is able to see when her pokémon is kicked out she can just go back up there and retake the gym?

  14. Sounds like gym warfare and her opponents are not organized. In my immediate area I don’t take a gym without a bunch-o-berries. It is annoying.

  15. That btch will go nuts if she ever plays Ingress. If you would’ve said it was an Unitedstatian Karen, I’d have no doubt about it.

  16. If we could find a location of some of the gyms we could literally make her life fun by spamming her gyms and make her waste all of her items

  17. I’m not a mean person but if some old bat was doing that around my town she would get her tires flattened sitting outside my house like, or I’d follow her old ass home and then take a dump on her front porch so she has something to step in, every morning until she stopped. To deal with someone like that u gotta fight dirty, light the old bats trash cans on fire or something damn…

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