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Pokémon GO how to fix the annoying ‘can’t tap PokeStop’ bug and banner issues

Trainers, if you’ve been feeling like tapping on PokeStops in Pokémon GO has become more of a chore than a joy, you’re not alone. There’s been a noticeable shift in the gameplay mechanics around interacting with these vital in-game locations. Let’s break down what’s been happening.

So here’s the deal. Many of us, including yours truly, have been struggling to open PokeStops in one tap. You know how it goes, you’re on your daily walk, you see a PokeStop, you tap it…and nothing happens. At first, it’s easy to think it’s your phone acting up or maybe you just missed the icon. But then it keeps happening. And you ask yourself, “Have they made PokeStops smaller?”

The game itself is running fine, with no lag, and some glitches, so what’s up? Well, we don’t have a concrete answer, but it’s possible Niantic has made some subtle changes to the touch area for PokeStops. If that’s the case, we can only wonder why they’d add this additional challenge. Maybe it’s a way to slow down gameplay for some reason? Who knows, but it’s undeniably frustrating.

Raise your hand if you’ve encountered a bug where a banner (like “Research Task Updated”) prevents you from tapping a PokeStop. Yeah, I see a lot of virtual hands-up. Introduced earlier this year, this bug has been driving players up the wall. When a banner is on your screen, tapping a PokeStop becomes virtually impossible.

Some Quick Fixes for the PokeStop Tap Bug

  • Swipe the Banner: Swiping the banner so it disappears more quickly can help. But let’s be real, it’s a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.
  • Tap Elsewhere: Tapping on the portion of the banner that is not above the research button also seems to work. Still annoying, though.

The bug is even more noticeable now thanks to the new Master Ball Timed Investigation. Catching a Pokémon, spinning a stop, or throwing an excellent – basically, any action triggers a notification. And boom, you’re back to not being able to tap a PokeStop. If you’ve managed to complete the Master Ball research tasks, hats off to you – you’ve sidestepped this hurdle.

It’s difficult to determine if the changes are intentional tweaks by Niantic or unintended bugs that slipped through QA. Either way, the experience around PokeStops has certainly changed, and it’s about high time that these issues get addressed. Have you noticed these issues in your Pokémon GO adventures? Drop your thoughts and tips below; let’s help each other out as we navigate these tricky Poke-waters.

So trainers, let’s keep our fingers crossed for some fixes, and in the meantime, adapt our tapping techniques. May your next spin be ever in your favor.

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  1. Sometimes the poke stops don’t spin. Sometimes it will spin slowly nothing happens or it says try again which I have to back out and do it over. The ones with the showcases won’t let you leave a pokemon. A notice pops up saying move closer to the poke stop. For pits sake I am standing right on top of it and it still says MOVE CLOSER.

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