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Pokémon GO minimum daily goals to complete Master Ball Timed Investigation on time, 13 Pokémon, 1 Raid, 2 Excellent throws, 1 Egg, 5km, 2 Field research tasks, 4 PokeStops

Trainers, the 12th Season of Pokémon GO is in full swing, and it’s called Adventures Abound. Packed into these three months are new Pokémon, shiny variants, tantalizing bonuses, and other intriguing features. One particular highlight that has caught everyone’s attention is the Master Ball Timed Investigation, an ambitious new Timed Research that could net you the game’s most powerful Poké Ball.

This new season is set to last for a full three months, offering a variety of content to keep trainers engaged. Expect to see new Pokémon roaming the wild, and keep an eye out for elusive shiny forms. And, of course, there will be a wide array of bonuses and features that promise to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. But let’s talk about what’s really stealing the show, The Master Ball Timed Investigation.

Timed Investigations are a series of challenges available for a specific duration, offering some of the most coveted rewards in Pokémon GO. The Master Ball Timed Investigation in the Adventures Abound season is no exception. Complete this investigation by Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time, and you’ll earn a Master Ball, which guarantees a catch on any Pokémon you encounter.

Completing this investigation isn’t for the casual trainer. The to-do list includes:

  • Catching 1000 Pokémon
  • Winning 60 Raids
  • Hatching 30 Eggs
  • Making 120 Excellent Throws
  • Completing 150 Field Research tasks
  • Exploring 50 km
  • Spinning 300 PokéStops
  • Earning 100,000 XP and Stardust

It’s a tall order, but the prize is worth it.

Considering the comprehensive list of tasks, one proactive Pokémon GO player has broken down how to tackle this mammoth challenge. The recommendation is:

  • Catch 13 Pokémon each day
  • Secure one Raid win daily
  • Hatch one egg every two days
  • Accumulate 5 km per day
  • Capture 100 different species of Pokémon over the challenge period
  • Complete two Field Research tasks each day
  • Visit four PokéStops every day

Follow this daily plan, and you’ll be in a strong position to complete the Master Ball Timed Investigation before the deadline.

Calculating the least daily effort needed to get a masterball in time
byu/PyrooKil inTheSilphRoad

The Adventures Abound season is a cornucopia of opportunities for trainers of all levels, but the Master Ball Timed Investigation is the crown jewel. So, Trainers, are you up for the challenge? Share your progress and tips in the comments below. Time’s ticking, so let’s get to it.



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