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Pokémon GO nerfs item drop rates for Potions, Revives, and different Poke Balls from Poke Stops, Gyms, and Raids, players notice item shortages

Trainers, are you left wondering where all your essential items like potions, revives, and various types of Poke Balls have vanished? You’re certainly not the only one puzzled by this. The Pokémon GO community has been lively with discussions about an apparent decrease in these crucial items, creating a fair share of discontent.

What makes this interesting is the varied experiences among players. Some report running low on potions, while others can’t seem to find a single revive. And then there are those who’ve noticed a noticeable scarcity in Poke Balls of all kinds. What’s the timeline for this mysterious change? It seems to have started when the new Paldea Pokémon were introduced during the first event of the Adventures Abound Season.

It’s a bit maddening. We’re just off the high of GO Fest and those timed research tasks that had us going all out on our throwing skills. And now, right in the middle of an x4 event, some of us find our in-game resources drying up. It’s like having a sandwich without the filling, isn’t it?

From what we’ve seen, gyms, especially those you’ve leveled up in, seem to yield more revives and potions. PokéStops, on the other hand, are more likely to give you balls and berries. But let’s be real: How can anyone effectively raid if you’re running on empty with no potions for recovery?

Is this a strategic move by Niantic? Could they be deliberately creating item shortages as a way to ramp up in-game purchases during the Paldea events? It sure feels that way, especially considering that just yesterday many of us had to delete potions to make room for other things. Now we’re in a Poke Ball crunch? That’s quite the rollercoaster of resource management.

So, tell us, have you experienced any shifts or reductions in the availability of items lately? Could this just be a glitch or is it a ploy to get us to part ways with our hard-earned cash? Keep each other in the loop, because knowledge is power, and in Pokémon GO, a well-stocked bag can make all the difference.

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  1. Getting no balls from gifts, well, every 5th gift or so has 3 poke balls, maybe even a couple great balls. But that’s it. I’m just getting a ton of potions!

  2. This has been going on for awhile now. People are just noticing. My girlfriend has been scraping for potions almost daily, but never seems to get ahead. My Go Plus+ is killing my pokeball game.

  3. I just assumed we are all catching way more pokemon than normal as of late, due to Go Fest and the current event.

  4. I only get PokeBalls. My Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions and Revives have been drying up while I’m not battling a lot. It started before this new event. It started when the changes to Remote Raid Passes were implemented. That was when the item bundles in the cash shop also changed to include more normal items and less PokeCoin-exclusive items.

    This article is late to the party.

  5. I believe this is just another knot in the belt trying to kill pogo. Every nerf, upcharge, and removal thats happened has tightened its grip around our wallets. Essentially a vice slowly inching hoping nobody will notice. Theres an extensive list of things niantic has upcharged. Not only that its made it so those things are no longer as accessible. Raid passes, pokeballs, revives, community hubs, even pokemon spawns. After these nerfs, they’ve made quests that require you to get those things they’ve made harder to get. A Pay to win model. Niantic is clearly tired of this game and is trying to push free to play gamers away to focus on different projects. All the while grabbing any money they can from those who will play. I’ve seen this alot in the gaming industry. I’m tired so let’s just get the cash n get out. Name the last time niantic has actually buffed something in the game. They want me to go out but are now giving me less incentive to.

  6. @crow everything you said is 100 facts!!! Once they started with nerfing that started my hate and demise of my game. I live in a rural area and am immunocompromised so I’m double screwed. I can afford the remote passes but getting Niantic rich is not in my resume!

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