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Pokémon GO Niantic taking a hard line, banning rooted phones

Another day, another wave (of bans) has taken over one of the most popular games right now on the market, Pokémon GO.

As Poké AK explains in his video, Niantic is marking a big dip in their revenue, player base and whatnot, and this could be due to the recent wave(s) of ban(s) that have been happening in the game. Apparently, if your Android phone is jailbroken, you could easily download apps-that-shall-not-be-named and you can do stuff-that-shall-not-be-named.

Now, it is a new level of risk to spoof, cheat, and use a jailbroken phone to play Pokémon GO. These Trainers can be banned, even permanently, at any given time of the day if Niantic notices any suspicious movements. Maybe the whole experience is fun, but is it really worth it?

We truly want to hear your opinion, so please tell us in the comments down below.

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    1. Spoofing should NOT be allowed. It goes against the whole structure of the game. There are plenty of Pokémon games where you don’t need to travel to play. The game isbcalled “Pokémon Go” not “Pokémon Stay”. Next thing you’ll be saying is that you shod be able to get your passport stamped for visiting different countries without going to the country. SMH

      1. I don’t believe Spoofing should be allowed, however, people would not look to this if region-locked items and pokemon were available in events or as awards. Speaking about the kanguskaung. I still dont have one and saying travel to the land down under or trade with someone that you must know who happens to live there is bull.

      2. Structure of the game lol
        I spoof and spend more then you
        There s a difference between my Town whit 2 pokestops and central park new York
        So if i have to catch 1000 pokémon and turn 300 pokestops how can i Do it
        After if they ban me the only thing thats going to happen they Will lose my Money
        What people think take time think about it because we dont care what you think
        It is a individual game si let the poeple play like they want
        Cheating in this game does not affect other poeple game

        1. Second this, niantic say about fairness, yet people who live in small villages with a couple of stops don’t have the time to drive half an hour just to walk around a small town with 20 stops, and then there is the region Pokémon, how can any get these when you can’t distance trade, remove the trade restrictions and allow trainers to get more stops in there areas if submitted and they will probably find many stop spoofing alot or even completely, I don’t spoof on main but do on alts to get the impossible mons, I also get a few soni can help others too, but there whole dynamic of the game is unfair, if anyone disagree then look for a pokemap of Zaragoza, soal Paulo Brazil, new York Central park, and many other places where there is literally hundreds if not thousands of stops and gyms in a small 2k radius

      3. So f*** disabled people then you know the ones that CANT WALK!!!!!!!!but would like to enjoy the game …..way to think out side the box there buddy

      4. Then you go get a over 100$ plane ticket to a whole other region for just 1 pokemon. Spoofing is NOT hurting nobody and the too Legit players just get sour because they dont have that pokemon yet. Most players rely on spoofers to get the local players what they dont have. Its a double standard.

    2. I agree completely! People who spoof are spending more money than the average player. I was unable to walk for a couple years and could only play from riding in a vehicle and it sucked. They should have an option and charge money for the ability to travel to places you would never go to in person. That would make the game enjoyable for handicapped people. They are wasting a lot of time and money on stopping the people who spend the most instead of putting that time, money, energy into making the game glitch free and better.

      1. They should open the game up completely to spoofers, regardless what anyone says, the spoofers are the ones who are putting money into the game, not the other way around.
        All Niantic would have to do is just change how much stardust you can collect from being more than say 100 miles from your location.
        They would make a killing, but hey, maybe they are getting. More by losing money on their taxes..

  1. If you don’t want being doing that make the pokemon more accessible in our region. Actually pay attention to the unfairness of the game. Alot of people never leave their state let alone their country in their entire lives. Ninatic equals clue less

    1. You don’t have to leave your state to play. This is a poor excuse. EVERY Pokémon becomes available EVERYWHERE at one point or another. GoFest and Safari Zones have showed this. Cheaters are just impatient. But if you cheat you deserve to get banned. They tell you the rules upfront. If you can’t follow the rules then find another game to play. There are literally thousands of other games to play.

      1. Some people in rural areas dont have stops for miles even tens of miles. Just the difference between Kentucky and California in stops based on population density is huge not to mention downtown to suburban and rural. I think if Ninatic were to add temporary stops based on high-traffic area (google maps can help them with this) that would help add a few more stop into the game for people in areas outside of the regular. Give local guides on Maps the ablitity to suggest stops for games just dont make them permanent unless players uses them alot and take scans and all the other things people do with go and other games.

      2. if al spoofers get banned in this richt momen ..niantec must stop with this game because the go bankroet..
        go to zaragoza more then 10.000 spoofers Every day

  2. If you don’t want people doing that make the pokemon more accessible in our region. Actually pay attention to the unfairness of the game. Alot of people never leave their state let alone their country in their entire lives. Ninatic equals clue less

  3. Enjoy the game without cheating / hacking. It was meant to be a great game to just be outside and enjoy community. I don’t get the enjoyment of taking shortcuts.

    1. Do you live in a town with less than 3,000 people? Try to play the game in my area and tell me its even possible to achieve any of the goals you want with no spawns, few gyms and no other serious trainers locally.

      1. It’s mostly a single player game it’s not that deep, let people play the game the way they enjoy it. You still haven’t addressed the myriad of issues others have pointed out.

    2. I’m guessing you have plenty of Pokestops and gyms available to you. Many of us don’t. I personally gave to travel an hour or more.

    3. K, good for you. I, however, get more enjoyment out of spoofing. This game is literally unplayable unless you live in a city and have access to discord/fb groups. Without spoofing I still wouldn’t have so much as even an Articuno, let alone mega rayquaza or shadow mewtwo.

      1. What many don’t realize is the increase in Spoofing is a direct result of them Nerfing remote raids, people had a legitimate way to get help with local raids or raid with friends overseas if they lacked gyms near them, and Niantic took it away because they thought they would get more walking data to sell, now they are gathering sleep data to sell too and they obviously are hurting financially given that at Go fest they lifted the remote raid restriction and made Mega raids only give small amounts of energy, yet they still won’t admit they were wrong and revert the changes, they would much rather bann players they pushed into spoofing…

    4. There are good reason not everyone has all the time in the world and its ridiculous to ban people that arent hurting the game the only thing they should ban is exploit like the candy issue spoofing is not bad and there are poeple that are handicap and you obviously don’t now how hard it is to get around soo be better

    5. But if you’re in a rural area there’s almost no anything for Pokémon. Maybe 3-4 spawns every hour. And little to no poke stops at all. Definitely no gyms. So it’s either not play a game that can be fun at all or spoof.

    6. Not everyone lives in an area where the game is playable. Some of us can’t afford to drive 30-40 miles to spin a poke stop or raid. So, I’m not supporting cheating but how about making the game a bit more “remotely “ accessible. Niantic could charge a small fee and allow “spoofing” but instead, they want to lock us down. And I’m here to tell you that they would make more money from me if they allowed this. But as of now they’re not getting a penny from me, and that’s literally their loss.

    7. My best friend is in a wheel chair make a lame ass excuse for him you guys want to walk around town like zombies go for it what about ppl that can’t don’t make stupid comments with out thinking

  4. So make sure you don’t jailbreak a phone you purchased with a commitment or your banned, and that is why I won’t download my diabetic monitor to my phone. No wonder I quit spending money on their stuff.

  5. Why, they have lied the entire way since 2016, migrating the regionals that never happened, its no wonder why people are spoofing,

  6. Honestly, I spoof quite a bit because I live in a very small town that only has a couple gyms and a handful of pokestops scattered here and there. The only way I would get any raids done (3* and up) was remote raids, but ever since the nerf of that, I effectively can’t play much. It’s not fair to the rural communities, so I had to take things in my own hands.

  7. If Niantic wants to keep players spending money on accounts and playing the game, they should allow spoofing. Stop making Pokemin “Regional”, allow friends to trade over long distance, and put Pokestops in rural areas so EVERYONE can play the game EQUALLY with the same access to Pokemon and Pokestops.

  8. Niantic are desperate to go under. I’d be willing to bet that spoofers spend far more on the game than legit players. I spend probably around $120 per month over 5 accounts, and if I couldn’t spoof I would immediately uninstall as I don’t live anywhere near a city. Any raids over 4 stars would be completely impossible for the remainder of the game’s life, and what’s the point of playing any game you can’t complete without a horde of random people helping you? Pokémon has always been a single player franchise; niantic brought spoofers on themselves by deciding to turn it into an MMORPG that no one asked for.

  9. They made the game terribly, people cheat to make the game actually worth playing! I know people that started cheating cause theres one gym and 1 stop in their town.. niantic did this nsand now theyre ruining their game even more by banning people who most likely spend money on the game and encourage others to play.. i got flagged and now i wont spend another dime on this game after ive spent hundreds on it in the past.. they will be the fall of their own game.. just let people cheat and be happy they wanna play your game at all.

    1. I just recieved my first 7 day soft lock lol, i agree with spoofing for everyone, even charging for it wouldnt be an issue, ill spend all the time or money for a game thats fun and you can actually progress on it, just think aswell when you watch these youtubers doing these 100 raids a day, and no ones around at their location in person but theres 20 people in every raid. Even the real players wouldnt complete half of what they do with the spoofers. Another thing too. Being in a rural area and having nothing for miles, i had about 5 people on my friends list, not enough to do anything, raid wise unless it was low star, no post cards etc etc for vivillion, spoofing completely opened up the game for me, made more progression in a month than over 3 years. You dont actually have too abuse the spoofing too, you can play it like normal person too, walking about, not teleporting, not abusing raids all day long etc or just lookin for constant hundos sniping etc. Everyone has mixed opinions on it.
      If i lived in NYC where i spoof round central park and bryant park i wouldnt ever cheat…. just seeing the sheer volume of stops and spawns is insane when you open the game first time in a location like that. Crazy difference. Theres nothing fair about how it is at present.

  10. I think this game needs a mode where you can play from home. I’ll give some reasons why. When the game first came out and people walked into traffic. When pokestops are in graveyards, when people get robbed, people who live where there aren’t any pokestops or gyms. And the biggest one people who aren’t Physically able to walk. I know a few people who have medical conditions that prevent them from playing. Especially a friend who is a quadriplegic. This game is very ableist.

    The drop in numbers is because the hype is gone. All they do like any other phone game is charge for everything. And they think spoofing is a problem? Explain how? Cause they can go to more pokestops? I know people that drive around at the park to gather stops. No one walks anymore. Especially where I live in 110 degree weather.

  11. It’s ridiculous theres an in game research event (basically side quests) that is getting a platinum Kanto badge. Some of the Kanto pokemon can only be caught in Australia and as a poor American it’s just going to float to the bottom with the other ones you can’t complete without spoofing and forgotten.

  12. I spoofed everywhere. Me and my wife played for about 3 years. And it was fun. We talked about it all the time. Niantic could make those own spoofing system and get players to pay for it. I spent 5$ a month for 2 phones. Best spoofing system I’ve played. Niantic is missing out. People are so willing to blow so much money on pokemon and yet you don’t want us to play how we play. People don’t realize spoofers help the game. People in certain areas can’t do raids because there’s not enough people. This spoofer allow them to get further in the game. About 68-80% are spoofing. So what happens when we’re gone. Have one real acct. Multiple fake accts to burn. I was banned 1 day before go fest. And then a week later was banned again. I would love to walk around waste my time catching pokemon out here. But the world is a mess and unsafe. People have played this game and have been shot at, arrested, robbed, Ext. Niantic just wants our money. Don’t really care about safety. It’s very obvious. Your move Niantic.

    1. Why are you contradicting yourself, one one end you say they aren’t taking the money so you can spoof, the next you say they only want money, its an interest conflict. Their actions speak more then your words.

  13. I feel if game was fair and all Pokémon are able to be caught. No reginal would lessen the need to spoof. Maybe a joystick mode. Even a transport token u could earn or purchase.

  14. I lived in a town that only had one pokestop and no gyms. If I wanted to play and do raids I was going 30 to an hour from my house and when gas prices where almost $5 a gallon I didn’t go anywhere

  15. I’ve never seen more than 2 people in any raid in the whole country I am in. It’s a poor country where many don’t even have a smart phone. I can out a single pichu in the gym and it can stay there by itself for over 2 weeks. How do you expect to get any enjoyment out of this game when it’s like this?

  16. You be ban any way. I got ban for 30 days for what. I don’t have alot where I live so I have to get in my car and go to where alot of shops are. I guess you can’t do that with out getting ban. I call this game b.s I been playing from 2016

  17. It’s less about spoofing and more about Niantic not wanting to sell false/inaccurate user data.
    It’s none of Niantic’s business what I do with my device. I don’t like bloatware, I don’t like ads shoved in my face, I prefer more control over my devices, and that’s why many jb their devices.

  18. Niantic is a AR company not a gaming company. They don’t care about their player base. They make millions off selling location data. Way more than in-game sales for boxes and event tickets. Spoofers hurts their bottom line with fake data, so want get rid of it. Spoofing has made the game fun again for me, like so many others there isn’t a POGO community here to play with very few stops and raids don’t happen.

  19. I have played both legit and (formerly as a spoofer) got to say I enjoyed spoofing much more. I spent more money when I was spoofing and was able to help others out with rare pokemon, raid invites etc. I think the biggest mistake Niantic has made lately is the increase of prices on remote raids and the daily cap of 5 remote raids. Why take back something people truly loved? Instead they have made the game harder with less shinies and less raids for more money. WTH

  20. It Doesn’t matter to me if people spoof or play legit it all depends on where you live. In my town I’ve been trying to get more stops and gyms added but each time there shot doemwn for some dumb excuse like poor picture and wet knot. We have a few gyms in parks but none are ex-raid gyms whi h they should be but not so know elite raids in my town. I’ve sent numerous emails and just get blowed off. So they make people want to spoof by not listening to people. So if they truly care they woukd listen to the players

  21. I don’t like the sound d of being banned on the assumption that I’ve been spoofing, I downloaded the pokemon go app from the play store and just through sheer bad Internet connection it glitches out a bit and I look like I’m a mile down the road before I get teleported back … if connection issues becomes something they try to ban, then, they really are a lost cause

  22. I am not against spoofing as a different way of playing the game so long as there is transparency e.a achievements etc.

    But honestly why are people so ridiculously entitled? Spoofers aside, they don’t owe us to fit the game exactly to our criteria, you either like the game or not.

    And you spending your money is your OWN choice. You are not entitled to more commentary just because you buy more product. They offer a product and you buy that product. You don’t buy complaining rights. Its not a loyalty service. Wake the heck up.

  23. I did spoof alot. I live in a small city.
    My account is closed now, but It was totally worth it.
    I paid alot to play, and now they don’t get my money.

  24. Niantic’s privilege is showing. The people that work on and develop Pokemon, and especially the people that call the shots at Niantic, have plenty of money to travel all over to take part in the game. They don’t understand the average Joe mostly, goes to work, and goes home, because they don’t have the time or money to travel. Maybe if they opened an auction house that used some kind of in game currency to sell and trade with everyone that wants to use the auction house(not just people that are friends), they would cut down on people cheating/spoofing, and still make a little extra profit on the backend.

  25. The bigger issue is that Niantic with their non refund policy is breaching Australian Consumer Law.

    Terms and conditions can never overwrite the laws of the land, yet the continue to refuse refunds. If they lock out an account before an event, that event ticket by law should be refunded.

  26. I am 72 years old and have played Pokémon go since the beginning. I started off driving to a park about
    One hour away with my grandchildren. They actually “outgrew” the game and left grandma on her own…I am now unable to walk for any length of time and Pokémon go is one of my few forms of entertainment. The first time I was banned I wrote and explained my position and that I would happily play a pay version. They could not even bother to answer me. So now the spoofers get my money. Take pity on those of us unable to be mobile or tour the world.

  27. They should not ban spoofers, but only let play together with other spoofers so the fun for the legit players dont get ruined. I wish they would Show statistics how many spoofers are playing and paying and a statistic how many legit player exist and how much they spend (just to see the numbers. Iam really curious about it.)

  28. It’s not a matter of spoofing should or shouldn’t be problem as to the problem of how it is being handled from any circumstances aside. At this rate, what needs to be done is to link them directly to Pokemon Company in the complaints of unfairness in playability of the game in general through Social Media. Even though it is publicity, enough outcry of bad publicity to the regards of regional locking of spawns, rural/suburban concentration compared to big cities, event and paid ticket handling where the rewards do not add up to any of the value especially compared to the real games where anything legendary/mythical never has a chance to be that possibly crappy, the fact that regardless of legitimacy or not the pvp aspect is a total sham, and we don’t even have to touch base with the disabled portion unless we lose our on all the above issues first (they were totally roasted and did feel the consequences of the advertisement picturing playing with a person in a wheel chair being pushed by someone else who was not playing which if you just break that down, is a blatant misrepresentation of reality except in the case of the pusher being paid by some means to do so, but I know for a fact personally outside of some private rich direct hiring, that would never fly for services of that kind in any capacity nor in that industry would it be allowed for that service to be rendered availably possible for that purpose). So, case in point, continue to discuss in places like this, but put Niantic on blast in the major social media circles and unequivocally linked to the Pokemon Company so it can no longer be ignored, boycotting is not the move either, but constant negative posting about the injustices of the company vision that alienates the player base and regular customer base to the main games as a whole is what will drive the pont home.

  29. Niantic is killing this game.

    I started flying after they did the price increase. My family & I spent $$$ on remote passes and even made alot of oversea friends due to it. Once the spike and remote limit hit, it made it impossible for me to play. I saw online the outcry from disabled & Physically restricted players damn near beg to reconsider their new remote limitations.
    All Niantic did was literally wipe their ass with the fans’ pleads and say “here’s some new raids”. Once that happened, I started flying. Regardless of that I still participated in person to the nyc event which was .
    Fuck Niantic… they need better leadership.

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