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Pokémon GO Niantic uses broken game screenshot as Detective Pikachu promo, oh, the irony!

Trainers, brace yourselves because Niantic and Pokémon GO are pulling out all the stops. They’re rolling out the red carpet for none other than Detective Pikachu, oh yeah, and his Shiny form too. But get this, Niantic isn’t just hitting the ‘publish’ button on this event. Nope, they’re making it an all-out interactive extravaganza, sprinkling clues all over their Twitter feed like hidden gems in a treasure hunt.

So, you’re jazzed about the clues, right? Well, hold onto your Poké Balls because the latest clue is a total head-scratcher. Get this, Niantic used an image for their clue that isn’t just some razzle-dazzle screenshot. It’s actually a blast from the past, a Reddit post from two years back where a player was, get this, COMPLAINING about generic seasonal spawns. I mean, talk about a plot twist.

Let’s zoom out for a second. The event isn’t just a Detective Pikachu catching fest. Oh no, it’s a full-blown, cloak-and-dagger mystery-solving spree. Players are being sent on a Twitter scavenger hunt with clues that are supposed to get us pumped for Detective Pikachu’s return to Pokémon GO. And just when we thought we had Niantic figured out, they go and drop this irony bomb on us.

Okay, but the irony doesn’t stop there. The Twitter clue image actually showcases a known bug in the game, yes, you heard it right, a BUG! It’s like a chef using a picture of burnt toast to advertise his five-star restaurant. And the kicker? That map you’re seeing is from Biddeford, Maine, a far cry from the dreamy tropical boat dock they want you to believe it is.

Here is the thread from two years ago.

Remember when going to the beach you would find Wingull, Staryu, Magikarp, water starters, fossils, Wailmer, and other water types? Seems like season spawns broke this
byu/duskyxlops inTheSilphRoad

So what does this all mean? Well, it’s crystal clear, Niantic is watching us. They see us, they hear us, but are they really LISTENING? Using a Reddit complaint as a promo image is like winking at us without saying a word. It’s hilarious, right?

Buckle up, Trainers. As we gear up to welcome our sleuthing Detective Pikachu back into our lives, keep your eyes peeled for more Niantic shenanigans. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that Niantic never fails to keep us on our toes, even if they’re stumbling a bit along the way.

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