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Pokémon GO Niantic’s diminished communication and Poké Coins price changes

Another day, another Pokémon GO problem. A Niantic problem to be exact.

In his recent video, PokéAK goes into detail about how Niantic’s behavior toward its players is getting worse and worse. He touches upon the changes that were made in Poké Coins in selected regions, such as Australia and the UK as far as the bundles for smaller purchases.

The creator then goes into the challenges that Niantic faces in communicating with the community, so they may just decided not to engage at all with their fanbase. It is such an unfortunate circumstance. Overall, the lack of communication from Niantic is causing huge frustration among the Pokémon GO community, and we feel that we are taken for granted.

We just hope that this will change in the near future and that everything will go back to normal.

What do you think about this problem? Do you agree with it

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    1. I quit playing for that reason.. I’m done!! I used to love this game & I started playing when it first came out.. now I can’t stand it because how niantic is.. over it!! If it changes I might play again & maybe my family too..

  1. Nothing new here.

    Well, the details, but it’s just more of Hanke being Hanke.

    This is not our game; it’s his, and we will play it his way, no matter how many of us give up and move on.

  2. It’s becoming pay to win and even then the game falls flat on its face . Who ever is in charge needs firing . The fun is being taken out the game by absolutely pointless events the growlith one was total waste of money for the ticket . And that’s become a common problem .the game simply has become not worth the money . They fiddled with the routes which was working fine now no cells at all . Every problem they attempt to fix creates yet more issues. It’s that common most players just accept it .but ninantic charge stupid amounts of money for buggy poorly thought out ideas that just create frustration instead of fun .and have still yet to make any attempt to stop people spoofing . Yet ban people for making pokestop nominations . Again priorities are beyond stupid by people earning decent money for what can only be described as a diabolical service

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