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Pokémon GO offers just three Premium Raid Passes as compensation, a slap in the face for players who did more Shadow Zapdos Raids

Trainers, it took a staggering ten days for Niantic to finally break their silence on the Shiny Shadow Zapdos fiasco. And their answer? A mere three free Premium Battle Passes as compensation. For players who went above and beyond, participating in multiple raids and spending far more than just three Premium Battle Passes, this feels like a slap in the face.

The whole Shiny Shadow Zapdos saga has been a rollercoaster. First, we had the bird switched off from its shiny form on September 16, 2023, causing an uproar among the community. Niantic and Pokémon GO were quick to acknowledge the problem, assuring players that a compensation plan was in the works. But let’s be honest, none of us expected it to take this long for them to roll out something as trivial as three Premium Battle Passes.

Now, let’s put this into perspective. We have Trainers who participated in upwards of 10 Raids, all in the hopes of snagging a Shiny Shadow Zapdos. They’ve burned through far more than just three Premium Battle Passes. So, what happens to those extra efforts? Based on the current situation, Niantic’s answer seems to be: “Better luck next time.”

Remember the Lake Trio debacle? When Niantic messed up the shiny rates in remote raids, they went all out. Not only did they refund all the passes players had used, but they even threw in an extra pass for good measure. Why the discrepancy in handling these two situations?

Starting at 10:00 a.m. local time on September 28, the compensation bundle will go live. But given the lackluster offering, it’s hard to feel fully compensated for all the time, effort, and in-game resources that went into those Zapdos raids.

What’s your take, Trainers? Do you think this compensation does justice to the commitment you’ve put into the game? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. You also couldn’t get Techno Blast on Genesect EVEN after they said it was a mistake with the date of release it still didn’t have the legacy move. It had a red drive in its back too so it should have had the move. And Niantic has done nothing to even acknowledge that any further.

  2. I pumped in over 30 raids between non-Shadow Raids for Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres and didn’t get a single shiny. I needed to do an additional 10 raids (so over 40 in total) before FINALLY getting a Shiny Moltres. I was doing a combination of in person raids and remote raids during that event and none of it mattered. I understand that the shiny rate doesn’t guarantee a shiny encounter, but damn….40 raids for 1 shiny encounter seems a little nuts.

  3. My take is that they are floundering, grasping at any money they can. The increase in prices, increase in coin prices and refusal to compensate players for their mistakes just shows their greed.

  4. I’ve been playing since the start. And I just want good gaming from a company that appreciates its fans and players. The last couple of years seem to show they care more about money and far less about the game. Prices went up, but they didn’t make the game better or even seem to try.
    I remember setting alarms in my calender and setting up places to meet to start raid hour.
    I barely even do weekly raids or community days and didn’t even bother with go fest this year.
    I’m on the last leg of playing.

    1. Good thing you didnt do gofest it was not worth the 15 dollars 2 days and 15 shinies this is why people spoof or quit the game and with the whole remote raid pass.limit hard to raid.

  5. I was trying to purchase the trick or treat pass n it keeps saying no longer for sale today is the 30th of September so why I can’t purchase it this issue keeps happening before I couldn’t buy the 500 poke balls now this sometimes this makes me wanna stop playing Pokémon go.

  6. I am very disappointed in the game
    The routes are only just starting but I still can get 1 or none green candy
    The raid passes have gotten expensive!!!!!
    My daily experience is ok but it seems the game wants more than that
    Thumbs down down

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