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Pokémon GO player catches 120 of 1,000 Pokémon, lands 119 excellent throws, Charmander breaks the streak

Hey Trainers, we recently stumbled upon a hot topic in the Pokémon GO Reddit community that we just had to share. You know how challenging the Timed Investigation Master Ball Research can be – it’s not for the faint-hearted. But one player took this challenge head-on and came out with some jaw-dropping stats.

The Timed Investigation Master Ball Research isn’t your garden-variety Special Research task. It’s hardcore. It demands that players catch 1,000 Pokémon, win 60 raids, make 120 excellent throws, complete 150 field research tasks, and more – all for the coveted Master Ball. Now that’s a grind.

One dedicated Pokémon GO player has blown us away by sharing their achievement on Reddit. The player caught 120 Pokémon, landing 119 Excellent Throws. Talk about precision. So what went wrong with that one throw? The player pointed out it was a Charmander. But there’s more to the story. The player recommended practicing on a single Pokémon type to reach that staggering 99.17% success rate.

Pretty okay ratio
by u/samcornwell in pokemongo

by u/roogadooga from discussion Pretty okay ratio
in pokemongo

For anyone new to the game or looking to sharpen their skills, let’s talk about how to make an Excellent Throw in Pokémon GO. The act of throwing Poké Balls is fundamental to the game, but there are ways to optimize your throws.

When you’re about to throw a Poké Ball, hold it down at the bottom of the screen. A pulsing circle will appear around the target Pokémon. This circle serves as your guide. Aim your throw toward this circle to initiate the capture attempt. Pro tip: target Pokémon with larger circles, like Ponyta.

The size of the colored circle will determine your bonus and your catch rate. A ‘Nice’ throw lands when the circle is largest, a ‘Great’ throw hits when the circle is about half-size, and an ‘Excellent’ throw occurs when the circle is small and close to the center. Nailing an Excellent Throw that results in a catch grants a solid 1000 bonus XP.

The Timed Investigation Master Ball Research is a test of endurance and skill, but as one player’s 99.17% Excellent Throw rate shows, it’s entirely possible to master. Practice, consistency, and focus are key.

What’s your Excellent Throw rate? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below. Let’s conquer this challenge together, Trainers.

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  1. Statistically that would mean that not a single Pokémon popped out with an excellent throw, I probably hit a 50% excellent rate, but had to throw plenty of excellents at the same Pokémon. Also, if he just focused his catches on specific Pokémon that would not be a true 99% excellent throw rate across the board. Just saying, it is impressive regardless, but the numbers aren’t truly accurate.

  2. Ik heb 120 excellent throws kunnen doen op 120 charmanders. Dan nog eens 87 gedaan voor mijn partner ook op charmander. Een community day is het moment bij uitstek om de Pokémon in kwestie uit te testen. Een leuke uitdaging overigens.

  3. What do streaks or rates have to do with the research? You only need to hit the required number of Excellent Throws. As long as you get them before the research ends, you get the Master Ball.

  4. I got 120/234 – slightly above the 50%. Across all types. It does take lots of practice – so hats off to this guy.

    1. Eu já consegui capturar os. 1.000 Pokémon, consegui fazer os 120 lançamentos excelentes, já completei as 150 tarefas e já rodei as 300 pokestops. Hoje vou terminar de percorrer atingir os 50km, visto que já percorri 44km, falta me vencer 56 raids e partir 28 ovos. Portanto estou no bom caminho, adoro imenso o PokemonGo e nunca vou deixar de jogá lo

  5. Useless post with incorrect information based on a false/misconceived premise.

    There is no streak needed to getting the excellent throws for this challenge. Of any kind.

    1. It’s not false information. They never said the streak was required. It’s just a bragging thing. As soon as the task became available, he started at 0 Pokemon caught and 0 excellent throws thrown. He’s just showing, as proof, that he caught as many as he got excellents, until the Charmander screwed it up.

  6. This isn’t rocket science. You can get more than one excellent throw on a catch, if the Pokemon pops out. If you find one with a red circle it’s really easy to get many pop outs among with multiple excellent throws on an individual Pokemon.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. We missed a 0, and thanks for letting us know. It now says the correct amount of XP. – Achieving an “Excellent” throw by landing your Poké Ball inside the small circle significantly boosts your odds of a successful catch, ranging from a 1.7x to a 2x catch rate. Plus, you’ll score a whopping 1000 XP for your expert aim.

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