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Pokémon GO player claims to have lost a rare healing item due to a bug, Niantic admits fault but refuses to reimburse?


In a recent development catching the attention of the Pokémon GO community, a player encountered a frustrating situation with Niantic’s support team. This story first appeared on the official TSR Reddit, where a thread detailed the player’s experience. The player, known as u/STSerpentlord123, claimed to have lost 50 Max Potions due to a game issue.

If you’re not familiar, Max Potions are essential items in Pokémon GO, capable of reviving and fully healing a fainted Pokémon. To get your hands on Max Potions, you must first reach Trainer Level 30 or higher. Once you’ve met that requirement, Max Potions can be acquired in several ways:

  • Spinning PokéStops and Gyms (with a higher chance at Gyms)
  • Opening gifts from friends
  • Completing certain Field Research Tasks
  • Defeating Team Go Rocket Leaders
  • Purchasing from the Shop

The player decided to contact Niantic and provided video evidence of the bug. Here’s a summarized version of the conversation:

  • Player: Submits evidence of a bug.
  • Niantic: Recommends updating the game.
  • Player: Confirms the game is up to date and demands the lost items back.
  • Niantic: Denies it’s a bug and refuses to return the items.
  • Player: Points out they have video evidence.
  • Niantic: Finally acknowledges the bug.
  • Player: Reiterates the request for the lost items.
  • Niantic: Declines, stating the player currently has more Max Potions than when the bug happened and suggests updating the game.

Niantic Support is outrageous.
byu/STSerpentlord123 inTheSilphRoad

What’s unsettling about this whole ordeal is Niantic’s stance. Despite the player having earned more Max Potions through gameplay, Niantic used this as an excuse not to give back the lost items, even after admitting the issue exists and the player having video proof.

Have you ever reached out to Niantic’s support and encountered a similar roadblock? We’re keen to hear your experiences, so feel free to share your story in the comments below.

The question remains, what kind of a bug loses you 50 items in Pokémon GO? Keep an eye out for updates, as the video evidence has yet to be released.

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  1. Yep had a shiny magikarp one time when I evolved it the gyardos wasn’t shiny. Niantic basically told me sorry not sorry try to catch another one. Then another issue with a raid where it glitches at end when I beat rayquaza kicked me out didn’t let me try to catch it and Niantic just basically once again said not our problem glitches happen. I have this problem all the time with raids.

  2. During GO Tour: Hoenn I could not log in for all but the first hour and last 30 mins. This was a recurring issue about which I had let support know many times, and which also happens to other players I know.

    Their response, in that last 30 mins, after I waited all day and lost the value of my paid ticket, was: “It looks like you have logged in now, we hope you enjoy the last 30 mins.”


    But other than that they’ve actually been REALLY good with me.

  3. I got banned on pokemon go have replied to niantic explaining that my account has been hacked as I had my phone stolen with my pokemon login details saved on it and im an account down I will be quitting pokemon go I haven’t been on it since my account went down report it nothing back in 3 days now niatics don’t care about its players full stop if they did then they would get back to the legit players in a timely manner yet they don’t care about there customers as longs it pays them money thats all they care about sadly

  4. During the recent All In One #151 the task is to catch a Pokémon 30 days in a row. Twice no ad I am a few from completing it the game resets it back to zero. Very frustrating.

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