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Pokémon GO player holds over 9,999 items in the Bag, gets locked out of GBL and can’t complete the Master Ball Timed Investigation

Trainers, while most players diligently manage their in-game inventory, making sure to have enough Poké Balls, Potions, and Berries, some players are pushing the limits by accumulating a staggering amount of items in their Bags. You might be surprised to learn that the item count can actually exceed 9,999, reaching figures as high as 20,000 or more.

The first significant report of this phenomenon dates back two years ago, surfacing on the Pokémon GO subreddit. A player showcased an inventory that held over 10,000 items, including over 1,800 Hyper Potions, more than 300 Max Potions, and nearly 900 Revives, among other items. Fast forward to today, and a new report on The Silph Road Reddit confirms that players are still breaking barriers, again surpassing the 10,000 items mark.

u/Droideka33882, I see your post. I raise you 10000 items.
byu/wizcattw inpokemongo

Number of items can exceed 9999
byu/No_Tune_1262 inTheSilphRoad

According to the player in the recent report, the strategy to inflate one’s item count includes doing routes, spinning Gym discs when you have no Raid Passes in your bag, and participating in Raids. However, this strategy comes with limitations:

  • The player is locked out of the Go Battle League (GBL).
  • They cannot claim item rewards.
  • Completing the Master Ball Research, which requires spinning 150 PokéStops, becomes impossible.

The player’s item hoarding seems to focus on Raid participation, and they notably do not spin PokéStops or distribute Gifts. This allows the rewards to stack up, supplemented by daily tasks.

In the thread on The Silph Road Reddit, a few comments claim that some players have reached item counts of over 20,000 and, in some instances, even more than 25,000 items.

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byu/No_Tune_1262 from discussion

We’re intrigued to hear from the community. How many items do you currently have in your Bag? And do you think item hoarding on such a scale is beneficial or a hindrance to gameplay?

The item count ceiling in Pokémon GO seems to be much higher than most players realize, though this comes at the cost of limitations in other aspects of the game. Whether or not you see this as a viable strategy, it certainly opens up interesting possibilities for inventory management. Stay informed, and as always, happy gaming, Trainers.

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  1. I have a small amount of stuff in my item bag I don’t upgrade it very often as I don’t like to spend extra money on my game unless I think it’s worth it to me and items is not a top priority, I don’t think people should be hoarding stuff either
    Plus I get pissed when I get a challenge to send gifts and even though people send me a gift I can’t send them one back making it almost impossible to finish the task that’s not fair it’s selfish

  2. I have space for 1,000 items, which typically stays full from poke stops, gifts, raids, and research. I don’t use regular poke balls, potions, or super potions. As I acquire them, I just trash them to make space. I do the same with berries and hyper potions if I accumulate too many. That allows me to continue my research tasks.

  3. I have been locked out of pokemon go for over a week. Trying to get Niantics help: so far not working: I’m at level 50 an not able to finish my task!

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