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Pokémon GO player painting Pokémon on rocks and leaving them around PokéStops

We all have ways of dealing with something, but when that way begins to inspire others, that is another type of positive energy we all love to see among the Pokémon GO community.

A few hours ago, a Reddit user going by the name u/uYASSSDovahqueen posted a photo of a Pokémon painted on a rock. The user goes on to explain that this art therapy has been helping them with their mental health and that they are leaving them at local PokéStops.

To help with my mental health, I started painting rocks with Pokémon to leave at local pokéstops around my community.
byu/YASSSDovahqueen inpokemongo

The painting is very impressive, to be honest. The color match is mesmerizing – overall, the whole composition is beautiful. We hope that there will be more rock paintings in the future.

What do you think about this?

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  1. This isn’t a new thing. There are groups in a lot of communities that started doing this in the early years of the game. It was something fun to get kids excited about going out to walk around and find fun places at Poke Stop locations that were easy for others to find but was still like “hiding” Easter Eggs.
    Check out this Facebook page called Alma Rocks. It has definitely lost activity but it was pretty.neat when it started.

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