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Pokémon GO Player points out the game has the most Pokémon available in the franchise

This might not change your life in any way, but it is appalling how Pokémon GO is one of the most successful video games that are related to Pokémon in some way.

One Trainer over at Reddit pointed out that at this very moment, Pokémon GO has the most Pokémon in the entire franchise. Before, that record was apparently held by Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but now, the master has finally arrived at the top.

However, soon other Trainers started telling their opinion on this, and many were frustrated that even though Pokémon GO has the biggest number of available Pokémon in the game, there still isn’t a good availability rate. The same Pokémon are spawning again and again, every hour and every day. So this means that it becomes harder and harder to complete your PokéDex and catch them all.

Not to mention that the game is full of bugs and glitches that greatly affect the gameplay (at moments).

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