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Pokémon GO player reaches Legend rank, Niantic forgot to turn on the Legend Pose, steals player’s moment of glory

Trainers, you won’t believe what’s just happened in the Pokémon GO universe. Boem20, a diligent player, went on an impressive 15-0 winning streak in the Go Battle League, reaching the Legend rank. Here’s where it gets baffling, they can’t claim the rank reward.

That’s right, Boem20 did everything right. They took on the league and came out victorious, but when it was time to reap the benefits, they hit a wall. The game simply won’t allow them to claim their hard-earned Legend pose. What gives? It seems like Niantic and Pokémon GO were caught off-guard. They weren’t prepared for a player to rise to Legend status this quickly and seemingly forgot to activate the reward.

Boem20 didn’t just sit back; they tried every troubleshooting trick in the book. Restarted the app, uninstalled and reinstalled it, but nothing worked. The ‘Error claiming rank rewards’ notification is still there. It’s like being crowned king and then finding out the crown is locked in a safe with no key.

Let’s set the stage here, we’re in Season 16 of the Go Battle League, part of the ongoing Season of Adventure Abound. This season offers a variety of special cups and the regular three leagues, Great, Ultra, and Master. They rotate every two weeks, with special cups appearing weekly. The only time all leagues run concurrently is towards the season’s end, during which no special cups are available.

If you’re an ambitious trainer looking to climb the ranks, it’s worth noting that only certain ranks require a single battle set for advancement: Ranks 5, 10, 15, and 19. Beyond that, climbing from Rank 21 to Rank 24 demands more than just victories, you need to maintain an undefeated streak for a set number of matches.

And let’s not forget, each rank from 21 to 24 comes with its own title, Ace, Veteran, Expert, and of course, Legend. It’s not just about clout, it’s also a way to gauge your progression.

So, there you have it, a player has reached the pinnacle but can’t enjoy the view. What are your thoughts on this perplexing situation? Sound off, Trainers, and keep battling.

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