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Pokémon GO players are requesting new features and changes, to send messages to friends, a button to accept and send all Gifts, and remote trading changes

Trainers, the Pokémon GO community is teeming with ideas for improving the game, and we’ve got some exciting suggestions to share with you. Recently, in one of the largest Pokémon GO Facebook groups with over 300,000 members, a top contributor asked a thought-provoking question: “If you were a Pokémon GO developer, what changes or add-ons would you introduce to enhance the game?” The responses have been nothing short of inspiring, and we’re here to bring you the highlights.

Pokémon GO players are requesting new features and changes to send messages to friends, a button to accept and send all Gifts, and remote trading changes.

Since its launch in 2016, Pokémon GO has undergone numerous transformations, introducing a variety of features. However, it’s undeniable that the game has made significant progress since its inception. From encountering your favorite Pokémon in the wild to battling fellow Trainers, making friends, exchanging Gifts, trading Pokémon, customizing your Trainer, and diving into epic team battles, Pokémon GO has become a dynamic world for Trainers to explore.

But as the game continues to evolve, so do the aspirations of its dedicated community. Pokémon GO enthusiasts have voiced their desires for new features and improvements, and their suggestions resonate with many of us. Here are some of the standout ideas proposed by players in the Pokemon Go Community group:

  • Messages to Friends: Enhancing communication by adding the ability to send messages to friends within the game. Imagine coordinating raids or trading without leaving the app.
  • More Remote Trades: Expanding the possibilities for remote trading to foster connections and enable trading across greater distances.
  • Accept All and Send All Gifts Button: Simplifying the Gift-giving experience with the convenience of “Accept All” and “Send All” buttons to streamline the process.
  • A Permanent Sticker Collection Book: Creating a dedicated space to curate and showcase your sticker collection, adding a touch of personalization to your Pokémon journey.
  • Lucky Best Friends Worldwide Trading: Granting Lucky Best Friends the ability to trade Pokémon regardless of their physical location, bringing Trainers from around the world closer together.

These suggestions are just a glimpse of the innovative ideas circulating within this group. Now, we ask the same question to you: If you were a Pokémon GO developer, what changes and new features would you introduce to make the game even better? We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so please share your vision in the comments below. Together, we can contribute to making Pokémon GO an even more immersive and captivating experience for Trainers worldwide.

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  1. A button to delete all postcards at once would be great.
    If you are lucky friends, you should be able to do a trade even if it’s remote.

  2. A “Golden Gym” badge.

    Actual points for gym status, not just a bar graph.

    If you have a Pokemon in a gym, you can use a regular pass to raid that gym, regardless of distance.

  3. Rewards for all Pokemon kicked out of gyms
    50 coins a day is a joke. If 9 Pokemon get kicked out, I should get something for having my Pokemon gone

  4. Daily Dashboard to show things trainers do daily and completion or progress. Counters that show # gifts on hand, # gifts sent, # gifts rcvd, and # gifts opened. Liked the suggestion about sending / receiving all gifts at one time. Thought being able to select multiple gifts to open and send would be good. A little more control over the process rather than all or one.

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