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Pokémon GO Plus device suddenly down, fails to connect to devices

Many Pokémon GO players are now experiencing connectivity problems with Pokémon GO Plus, and it doesn’t seem that it will be fixed soon.

Several Trainers have now reported that their Pokémon GO Plus devices (Plus+ included) are suddenly failing to connect to devices. Despite restarting, opening and closing the game, refreshing game data and all of the other known attempts to fix a bug/glitch, the problem is still persistent.

There are also some speculations that Niantic might be dropping support for Pokémon GO Plus, but nothing is certain yet, as it is just pure speculation. It might turn out to be a problem from their end.

At the moment of writing, there is nothing official from Niantic Support, but we do hope that it will be fixed soon, as it can greatly affect gameplay.

Is this happening to you at the moment? Did you contact Niantic Support? Tell us in the comments below.

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    1. I thought it was me or just a bad device. But I have a new one & still the same issue after 2 weeks it seems to happen.

  1. I’m having exactly this problem.
    I tried all of the steps below, but it still doesn’t work.
    – Rebooting iphone
    – Reinstalling the Pokemon Go app
    – Plus+ factory reset.

    However, the connection with the Pokemon Sleep app is working very well.
    It seems to be a Niantic problem.

  2. It was happening to me actually. Went out for groceries so I decided to bring the go plus+ and on the way there it wasn’t connecting and I thought it was weird. I ended up unpairing and reset the app and it actually did reconnect. Maybe I caught the tail end of the issues as they fixed it but it happened but only about a ten minute span.

    There’s my 2 cents, peace!

  3. Yes. Cannot connect to Pokémon go plus + since 3 pm CST today. I also haven’t been able to do routes and my avatar keeps going to full black ninja mode.

  4. Definitely happened to me! I rebooted, factory reset, every single suggestion I could find to no avail. Currently updating the software on my iPhone to see if that will help. I’ve only had mine for a week so I was worried I broke it somehow. Thank you for your article!

  5. This is happening to me right now. I contacted Niantic support on X but no response yet. I’ve had issues all day but now it doesn’t even connect after restarting the phone.

  6. If the Pokemon go + stops working then Niantic needs to reimburse everyone who has them.
    I spent 350 for all of my families devices

  7. Restarted game, nothing. Restarted phone, nothing. Turned off wifi and turned on airplane mode, turned off airplane mode, Go plus + connected finally!

  8. Nope, I’m still good, still connecting really well.

    My pokemon go plus plus is Still working extremely well.

  9. I thought it was just a defective device but I got a new one and this one stopped working completely after about 3 weeks, I’m very disappointed and hope to get a refund from niantic.

  10. I had this issue.. I installed/updated the Pokemon Sleep app and reconnected my Plus to that, then closed that game and went into Pokemon go and it reconnected without issue and has been fine ever since.

  11. Just started to me today. Been working flashes for 2.5 months.

    I believe (30 years debugging programs/apps/servers) is that Pokemon Sleep is not releasing the device for use by Go. It’s starting in sleep mode.

    Today can’t connect to either Sleep or Go When I try to connect in sleep, the connection pop-up starts, but doesn’t appear to do anything. After I cancel, the last synced time is dated to the connection pop-up time, so apparently it is connecting but not actually releasing the device from the Sleep app.

    It won’t give over control, so Go can’t connect because the device is still “in use” by Sleep.

    Sleep is possible the slowest, buggiest, so I’ve used since I had apps on a flip phone.

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