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Pokémon GO Pokémon variety is stepping up, players are impressed

The most popular game Pokémon GO was recently in a spell, with the same Pokémon appearing over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It seems that this problem is now in the past.

Several players over at Reddit reported that they have been getting a rich variety of Pokémon appearing in the wild, and it is something that is quite unusual in the game. Usually, two or three Pokémon are appearing all over the map, all of the time. It is really not a nice thing to see when you open the game, a map full of wild Stunfisk or Luvdisc.

Some of our Trainers still think that this is probably going to end in a few days, and then it will come back to the old Niantic ways, with boring Pokémon filling the maps, with low IVs, and everything else in between. Others say that this refreshment in the game made them not want to stop playing the game, a feeling they haven’t felt for a while.

Has this been happening to you? Do you now have a good variety of Pokémon appearing on your map?

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