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Pokémon GO Shadow Moltres present in Shadow Tier five Raids every weekend in October

A shadow beast is an immaculate creature, and every Pokémon GO player wants to have it in their collection. I mean, a yellow bird with purple fire around it, who wouldn’t want that?

In October 2023, Shadow Moltres will be present in the Shadow Tier five Raids every weekend. Something that is pretty rare in Pokémon GO. Nonetheless, Shadow Moltes is one of the top Raid attackers in Pokémon GO.

The Flame Pokémon, a Fire/Flying-type will be available in its Shiny form too, making it even more desirable.

Now, onto its top raid counters:

  • Rampardos – Smack Down/Rock Slide
  • Rhyperior – Smack Down/Rock Wrecker
  • Tyrantrum – Rock Throw/Meteor Beam
  • Terrakion – Smack Down/Rock Slide
  • Gigalith – Smack Down/Meteor Beam
  • Tyranitar – Smack Down/Stone Edge
  • Mega Diancie – Rock Throw/Rock Slide
  • Mega Tyranitar – Smack Down/Stone Edge
  • Mega Aerodactyl – Rock Throw/Rock Slide
  • Shadow Tyranitar – Smack Down/Stone Edge
  • Shadow Aerodactyl – Rock Throw/Rock Slide
  • Shadow Omastar – Rock Throw/Rock Slide

What do you think about this? Are you preparing for what is about to come?

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