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Pokémon GO the alarming state of containing cheating

Every game has its fair share of cheaters, and so does Pokémon GO. It is all good until it becomes a really unfair and uncomfortable situation.

Our beloved YouTube creator going by the name PokéAK has posted a video, where he expresses his frustrations with spoofers in Pokémon GO. He goes on to explain the limits that spoofers go to to get Stardust, Candy XL and other items. It sometimes is unfair to see how these players go around the game and not get punished. Instead, legit players are getting banned by Niantic. Why?

From Route exploitations, code harvesting to Rocket sniping, Pokémon GO has come to the point where they must do something to contain this epidemic. PokéAK says that Pokémon GO is where it is due to its bad quality though. Niantic has had its fair share of troubles the past couple of months, and they did not prove themselves to be as friendly as they say they are.

Spoofing/cheating is all good, but when it crosses a line, it must be stopped.

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    1. Ive reported several players spoofing but they never take any action to punish the players but they ban players coz of wayfarer this is so frustrating

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