Starfield Guide: How to Manage Encumbrance Efficiently

Carrying too much weight in Starfield? Bethesda Game Studios’ newest title has brought back the challenge of managing encumbrance. Navigate weight limits like a pro with these effective strategies:

  • Embrace the Weight You won’t die from being over-encumbered. The only fallout is faster oxygen depletion, especially when running. This can be managed by walking or resting, helping you complete challenges for the Fitness skill.
  • Delegate to Companions Pass items to your companions using the trade gear function. Remember, these items aren’t accessible for crafting, so transfer them back once you’re aboard your ship.
  • Maximize Your Ship’s Storage Utilize your ship’s Cargo Hold and Captain’s Locker. They can hold much more than you. The Tech tab’s Payloads skill enhances Cargo Hold capacity, though it might be better to focus on it later in the game.
  • Trade Items Strategically Interact with Kiosks and vendors to sell off unnecessary items. Preserve crafting resources for later use; they’re crucial for research and construction.
  • Utilize The Lodge’s Storage Before establishing your own Outpost, The Lodge provides bottomless storage boxes, ideal for interplanetary travels.
  • Boost Your Carrying Capacity The Weight Lifting skill lets you carry more with each rank. However, prioritize this later, focusing on skills like Security for lockpicking initially.
  • Aid Packs for Quick Relief For instant relief during intense situations, UC Battlemeal Multipacks offer a temporary weight limit boost and health recovery.
  • Shed the Unnecessary Break hoarding habits. If it’s not essential, let it go.

In Starfield, efficiently managing encumbrance can be the difference between a smooth journey through the stars or a cumbersome voyage. Implement these strategies, and explore space with ease.

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