The Upcoming Free Titles on the Epic Games Store are “Model Builder” and “Soulstice”

Epic Games continues its tradition of offering titles for free on its PC marketplace. Starting September 28 and running until October 5, players can claim “Model Builder” and “Soulstice” without shedding a single dime. These titles replace “Out of Line” and “The Forest Quartet“, which remain free until September 28.

Model Builder

Model Builder” invites players into the intricate world of model assembly, painting, and customization. Inspired by the real-life craft, this simulation game offers a vast array of models to choose from, including planes, tanks, and ships. Players can walk in the shoes of the legendary grandfather Stan, unlocking past secrets while mastering the art of modeling. Whether you want to stick to the original design or jazz up your creation, “Model Builder” offers a plethora of tools and paints for every creative whim.


Soulstice” is a dark fantasy action game that revolves around the story of two reborn sisters, Briar and Lute. They are Chimera, hybrid warriors born from the merging of two souls, destined to combat the menacing Wraiths that threaten the Holy Kingdom of Keidas. The game boasts diverse combat mechanics, utilizing both sisters’ unique abilities in synergy. As you traverse the ruined city of Ilden, you’ll be immersed in challenging puzzles and confronted with the mysteries of the Order.

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