Baldur’s Gate 3 Still On Track of Arrival to Xbox Series X/S by End of 2023, Says Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3, the popular role-playing game from Larian Studios, is out on PS5 and PC, but Xbox players are still waiting. According to recent comments by Larian Studios, the game is still on track for a release on Xbox Series X/S by the end of 2023.

When Baldur’s Gate 3 was launched on PS5 and PC, it skipped Xbox Series X/S. This was due to problems with implementing split-screen co-op on the Xbox Series S. The studio has said that the Xbox Series X version will have this feature at launch, but it may come later to the Series S.

Swen Vincke, the director of Larian Studios, had suggested the game might arrive between September and November. Even though October is almost over, the end-of-year release goal has been reaffirmed. Michael Douse, the director of publishing at Larian Studios, confirmed this on Twitter.

“Before the end of the year is the plan. This has been said a few times but dudes with 33k twitter followers keep talking [negatively] for likes,” Douse stated.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been praised for its engaging storytelling and well-designed gameplay mechanics. As Larian Studios works on improving performance and adding features like cross-platform multiplayer, Xbox Series X/S players can look forward to a top-tier gaming experience.

The exact release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X/S is still in the air, but Larian Studios remains committed to a 2023 release. The studio is actively working to resolve technical issues and is keeping the community updated. So, Xbox players should stay tuned for further announcements as the end of the year approaches.

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