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Bug causes a freeze when minimized, players need to restart Pokemon GO app

Recently, many players complained that Pokemon GO isn’t showing tabs, and now, there is a new bug that is really frustrating to deal with.

Trainers took over to Reddit to voice their frustrations about a new bug. This new bug causes Pokemon GO to completely freeze if it gets minimized, and then re-opened. Users say that they are afraid to answer calls or messages whenever they are playing the game because it can mess everything up.

To be honest, it is a quite frustrating bug, only because it needs to be restarted over and over again. The users affected so far are iOS users. The problem seems to be with the Adventure Sync feature, so some Trainers say that turning that off fixed their problems.

Apparently, there is a fix in the newest version, which is 0.287.0, it looks like it happens less often, but it still happens.

Has this happened to you? What did you do to make it go away?

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