Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Leaks Reveal Exciting Multiplayer Details Ahead of Official Event

Before the official Call of Duty: Next event even kicks off, multiplayer gameplay footage for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 has found its way onto the internet. The leaks reveal several details, including faster movement, the return of quick scoping, and the Nuke streak under a new name.

Footage posted by Twitter user SabaCOD2023, gives us a good look at how the game plays. If you were a fan of Modern Warfare 2 but wanted even quicker movement, it seems like this new installment is taking steps in that direction. The return of quick scoping, an aiming technique beloved by many, adds another layer to the fast-paced gameplay.

Watch the clips here before they’re removed:

The Nuke is Back, But Different

For players who love achieving high kill streaks, there’s good news. The game brings back the Nuke streak, now called the “MGB” (Mass Guided Bombs). Just like previous versions, triggering the MGB will end the match.

Watch the Nuke in action here:

For those skeptics, it’s worth mentioning that the footage features gameplay against bots. Nonetheless, the leaked videos offer valuable insights into what we can expect from the multiplayer experience.

The leaks have come just a few hours before the official Call of Duty: Next event, where we are expected to see more about Modern Warfare 3. If you own a PlayStation, you might want to watch the Modern Warfare 3 beta, which starts this weekend. Codes are being given away, so grab yours for a chance to experience the game firsthand.

Even though the footage might be removed soon, the short wait for the official reveal is almost over. With a beta around the corner and an event set to give us even more details, it looks like a big month for Call of Duty fans. Watch for more updates, especially during and after the official COD Next event.

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