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Community Ambassador explains Pokemon GO account bans for Wayfarer abuse, each ban is manually reviewed by a human

Wayfarer has been a top topic in the past couple of weeks, with many unjustified (and justified) bans handed here and there.

The one-of-a-kind community mapping program named Niantic Wayfarer is used by Trainers to directly shape their real-world adventures across all Niantic games, and that of course, includes Pokemon GO, the most popular game.

Many Trainers have been banned over literally anything, without any warnings. Now, a certain Pokemon GO Community Ambassador located in the UK claims that Trainers do get warned before getting banned. Unless they are in clear violation, which apparently means an immediate ban.

Another thing that the Ambassador claimed is that rejections do not contribute to a ban and that if your nomination gets rejected does not mean you will get immediately banned. Instead, the algorithm will need more and more to get accepted.

Something that tickled my eyes and ears was the supposed manual review of each ban. The Ambassador says that each ban is triggered by a manual review, meaning that there aren’t accidental bans or unjustified bans, due to a human manually checking each ban. Whether or not this is true we will never, ever know.

Bans for Wayfarer Abuse Explained
byu/StarsMmd inTheSilphRoad

There are many inconsistencies, and unfortunately, we can’t do much about getting things right.

What do you guys think? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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