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GTA Online Rolls Out Weekly Update for October 19, Discounts, Bonuses and more

Rockstar Games is back with another weekly update for GTA Online, dated October 19. The update includes various activities, discounts, and special bonuses for GTA Plus members. If you’re a GTA Online fan, you’ll want to note what’s new and what you can take advantage of for the next week.

Weekly Discounts and Bonuses – October 19th to October 26th

Note: The update will not be live until 4am EDT on October 19th.

  • Halloween Continuation: Look out for roaming hell-hounds, UFOs, and a new Community Series.

Specific Features

  • Map to Ghost Hunt Locations and Times
  • Daily UFO Location
  • Possessed Animal Spawn Areas

Weekly Challenges

  • Podium Vehicle: Rune Zhaba
  • Prize Ride Challenge: Place Top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series two days in a row
  • Prize Ride Vehicle: Dinka Vindicator
  • Time Trial: Vinewood Hills

Test Rides

  • Test Ride 1: Grotti Bestia GTS
  • Test Ride 2: Declasse Hotring Sabre
  • Test Ride 3: Obey 8F Drafter

For PS5 and Xbox X|S Only

  • HSW Time Trial: Sandy Shores
  • Premium Test Ride: Imponte Arbiter GT

Luxury Autos

  • Lampadati Cinquemila
  • Lampadati Komoda

Deluxe Motorsports

  • Lampadati Michelli GT
  • Lampadati Furore GT (Removed Vehicle)
  • Lampadati Pigalle (Removed Vehicle)
  • Lampadati Felon (Removed Vehicle)
  • Lampadati Felon GT (Removed Vehicle)

Halloween Freemode Content

  • Ghosts Exposed Ghost Hunt
  • UFO Business Battles
  • Phantom Cars
  • Slasher Freemode Events
  • Possessed Animals Freemode Events
  • New Halloween Props in the Creator
  • Daily UFO Map


  • 2X GTA and RP
  • Halloween-themed Adversary Modes
  • 2X GTA$ on Acid Lab Sell Missions
  • 3X GTA$ and RP on new Community Series

Specific Bonuses

  • JUMP! – Paleto Bay
  • (STR8) Cemetery RnG
  • The City 5
  • Haunted cars
  • Apocalypse Bridge
  • xııı. Citadelle

Additional Bonuses

  • Play this week to collect the Blue Vintage Werewolf Mask
  • Deliver Event Cargo from any Business Battle to receive a Teal Vintage Zombie Mask


40% Off

  • Grotti Bestia GTS
  • Obey 8F Drafter
  • Lampadati Michelli GT
  • Lampadati Furore GT (Removed Vehicle)
  • Lampadati Cinquemila

30% Off

  • MTL Brickade 6X6
  • Acid Lab Equipment Upgrade
  • All Ammo (75% off for GTA+ Members)

20% Off

  • Buckingham Weaponized Conada
  • Mk II Weapon Upgrade Cost

This update is quite a treat for GTA Online players, especially those looking to take part in Halloween-themed activities. Whether you’re interested in new luxury cars, special challenges, or holiday events, there’s something here for everyone. So gear up and dive into the action!

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