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Hatch eggs without walking: crocheting is the fastest trick for Pokémon GO players

Walking can sometimes be so demanding, especially when it is extremely hot or cold outside. But those Pokémon need to be hatched someday.

A few days ago, a fellow Redditor/Pokémon GO player published a picture of a Raid summary (I suppose), where it shows a certain Trainer and their walking distance. The number shown in the picture showed an astonishing 151km. Many were wondering how this was possible, and how many Eggs the Trainer hatched.

Hatching Eggs is a mechanic in Pokémon GO, where many Trainers can get event-exclusive Pokémon, rare Pokémon and sometimes ordinary Pokémon. To hatch an Egg, a Trainer needs an Incubator to put it in and walk the required distance, which is not always a short distance.

What if we (and several Trainers) told you that there is a little trick in Pokémon GO, where you don’t need to even take a step outside of your home, and you will still get the distance you need in the game?

The answer to this is crocheting. Several players have come forward on the Reddit post and said that they have accidentally found this trick while crocheting. They have been wearing their smartwatches while crocheting, and apparently, Adventure Sync reads this as steps and counts it toward walking distance in Pokémon GO. Many say that crocheting has hatched their Eggs in no time, without even noticing that Adventure Sync converts this activity into steps.

This got me thinking, a lot, about a Pokémon fan whose hobby is crocheting. Many know her as Angelique Grimm, the crocheting master. Who knows how many Eggs the German police officer would hatch using this trick?

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