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How to Catch Shiny Cubone and Marowak Wearing a Cempasúchil Crown in Pokemon GO

Dia de Muertos 2023 is a new event introduced in Pokemon GO to celebrate the holiday observed in Mexico and other parts of the Americas that honors the lives and memories of friends and family who have moved on to another world. This event brings a special spotlight on Shiny costume Pokemon, particularly Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown. We also have the shiny rates, so feel free to learn more below.

Additionally, Marowak wearing a cempasúchil crown is available, but obtaining its shiny variant remains a challenge. Pokemon GO players eager to find and catch these special Pokemon need not worry, we’ve got you covered.

In the Wild

Shiny Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown can be found in the wild, and the spawn rate has increased during the event. Keep an eye out for these unique Pokemon as you explore the wild. The abundance of Cubone wearing cempasúchil crowns is a golden opportunity to add this shiny costume Pokemon to your collection, so catch as many as you can.

Incense and Lure Encounters

During Dia de Muertos 2023, Incense and Lure Modules will attract not only Shiny Cubone with its cempasúchil crown but also other Pokemon like Flabebe (Orange), Duskull wearing a cempasúchil crown, Shiny Roselia, and more. Trainers in Latin America and the Caribbean will have even more opportunities to encounter these featured event Pokemon when using Incense and Lure Modules.

Field Research Task Encounters

The event introduces new Field Research tasks, and by completing these tasks, you can encounter Shiny Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown. Keep an eye out for these tasks to further your chances of adding this special Pokemon to your collection.


Shiny Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown makes an appearance in Raids as a One-Star Raid Boss. To secure this shiny costume Pokemon, assemble your team and use the best counters to defeat it in Raids.

Shiny Odds for Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown

For those wondering about the odds of finding a Shiny Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown, the shiny rates for the costume Pokemon during this event are standard odds (not boosted), estimated at 1 in 500.

How to Obtain Marowak wearing a cempasúchil crown

While Cubone and Marowak wearing cempasúchil crowns make their Pokemon GO debuts, one can shine, while the other cannot (at least for now). To obtain Marowak wearing a cempasúchil crown, you’ll need to evolve Cubone wearing a cempasúchil crown. This transformation can be achieved by using 50 Cubone Candy.

Keep in mind that these odds can change, and we’ll keep you updated if any adjustments occur.

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