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Incense Day: Skorupi Shiny Rates in Pokemon GO, a Disappointing Event

Trainers, Incense Day: Skorupi has arrived in Pokemon GO, bringing with it the promise of Shiny Skorupi, an array of Bug and Poison-type Pokémon lured by Incense, exclusive event bonuses, and engaging Field Research tasks and encounters.

This limited-time event is in full swing, spanning from 11 AM to 5 PM today. It’s an opportunity to snag the elusive Shiny Skorupi, a Pokémon of particular interest during this event. However, there’s a bit of a letdown in the air. Despite promises of increased Shiny Skorupi encounters, reports from the field suggest otherwise.

It seems that Niantic may have missed the mark on boosting Shiny Skorupi rates as intended. The Pokemon GO community is expressing disappointment with the event, citing a lack of success in finding and capturing Shiny Skorupi.

Shiny Skorupi odds

Shiny Skorupi was meant to take the spotlight during Incense Day, but the reality doesn’t quite match the expectations. Reports indicate that the chances of encountering Shiny Skorupi during this event are approximately 1 in 130, or about 0.8%, which is relatively low.

How has your luck fared in the pursuit of Shiny Skorupi during this event? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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  1. Couldn’t find a that red bug anywhere. I found other shinys tho.. which is odd since skorupi was suppose to be the one with the buffed shiny rate.
    We deserve a makeup event!! Haha one where you might actually find a shiny skorupi. I know a lot of people in my area that play as well. And I’ve not talked to anyone that had found one yet.

  2. I never saw a shiny Skorupi, and my incense only brought Skorupi, Skrelp and Weedle to me(with Skorupi being the least spawned)

  3. My husband and I had zero luck getting a shiny skorupi. This event was truly disappointing we were out almost the entire event and got nothing.

  4. After almost 2 and a half (with the daily) hours, my son and I gave up. We left the park, and as my 2nd hour long incense was about to run out I said “Last chance” I clicked on the last spawn, and it was the damn shiny… Only one all day.

    1. Not one shiny from 11am to 5pm at all, went to 2 different cities to try my luck and still had no luck and barely any normal ones on the incense. Very disappointing

  5. Disappointed. Caught a shiny Spinarak. So the day wasn’t a complete loss. Still walked with an incense for miles only for normal Skorupi to spawn.

  6. I caught one shiny Skorupi on a short walk with my dogs. I wasn’t even excited about it because I’ve been trying to catch the Holloween event shiny with no luck.

  7. Hey they did it again. Niantic is nothing but lies. They are struggling to make ends meat. There’s a reason they can’t do anything else and it just flops. When everyone Stops paying money to them they’ll start doing what they say cause they’ll have to it none will play. Open your eyes people their nothing but greedy pos

  8. Got one shiny but hardly any spawns of the poison and bug types. Seems like these events keep getting worse and worse.

  9. My bf and I were out hunting for event and I only managed to find one during the final hour. Worse, it’s incredibly low cp and it’s only IV is a tiny smidge of hp. (0 stars, no attack or defense) and Niantic decided to not allow skorupi trades. Not much use for a shiny no stat skorupi under 100 cp especially if I can’t trade it to my bf with a chance that he might get some better stats.

  10. I only found one shiny, but after one ball it left… didn’t see another one all day. Very disappointing after making sure I had an incense going all day.

  11. Not one shiny at all, very disappointing after being in 2 different cities searching for one and came put with nothing

  12. After more than 150 Skorupi encounters, with zero shiny spawns, I can backup the 1/130 claim for shiny Skorupi spawn rate. Too much work, no real rewards, since all the other spawns were lackluster.

  13. This was a complete waste of time and seriously could’ve spent it doing something else more important. The spawns were ridiculous. Mostly got Weedle, Caterpie, and a few others; hardly any skorupi. Worst event EVER!!!

  14. Walked all hours got 5 shiny skoupi and 3 of other randoms, i was really dissapointed, the first hour none and the last 3 hours none, tired and irritated from walking 25km and that was all i had to show

  15. The whole week through tall the timed research including this one I got zero shinys no matter how many I caught. None of the rewards not in the wild, nothing but regular Pokémon. I will think twice when putting out $4.99 for special research next time. Haven’t gotten a shiny sine last community day.

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