Lords of the Fallen Has Been Cracked in Record Time

The newly released action RPG game Lords of the Fallen has reportedly been cracked in a record time of zero minutes from its release, according to the Twitter user Denuvo Alerts.

Lords of the Fallen is an expansive RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Developed as a sequel, this new title promises a world over five times larger than the original game. Players step into the shoes of a Dark Crusader with a mission to overthrow Adyr, the demon God, across two parallel realms, the world of the living and the dead.

Leading gaming outlets have praised the game for its visuals and gameplay mechanics. IGN called it “the first true next-gen soulslike,” while Fextralife labeled it the “best looking action-RPG to date.”

Video game cracking removes or bypasses security measures placed by developers to protect their intellectual property. Cracking is quite controversial as it allows for the unauthorized distribution and usage of paid games, effectively infringing copyright laws.

Denuvo Alerts, a Twitter account that tracks such events, reported that the game was cracked within zero minutes of its release. Interestingly, the release is a non-Denuvo Anti-Tamper one, which didn’t utilize Denuvo’s renowned security measures. This could indicate why the game was cracked so quickly.

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