Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Addresses Controversy Over Fast Travel Feature

As Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gets ready to hit the stores on October 20th for PS5, fans are excited about what the game has to offer. While the game has received high praise overall, there’s been a minor debate about the “hold-to-confirm” button involved in the game’s fast travel system. Some players believe the feature is designed to conceal loading times, but the game’s developers clarified its true purpose.

When you choose to fast-travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’re asked to hold down a button for a few seconds to confirm your destination. This has led some players to suspect that the hold-to-confirm button was a subtle way to cover up loading times for the game.

Mike Fitzgerald, the director of core technologies at Insomniac Games, responded to this speculation on a Resetera thread. Fitzgerald stated that the button’s purpose was not to hide loading times but to enhance player convenience. He mentioned that the team even considered removing this feature last month due to the confusion it caused. However, they decided against it, emphasizing that the confirmation window significantly helps with player usability.

Fitzgerald said, “Last month I brought up whether we should remove the hold-to-confirm, mostly to address that accusation we were seeing. But it was correctly pointed out to me that having a confirmation window was important for player usability, which at the end of the day is far more important than Internet cred points.

For those concerned about the loading times, the debate may seem unimportant, especially when the loading takes only a few seconds. Still, it’s a noteworthy topic because it shows how seriously Insomniac takes its player experience. They chose to keep a feature that aids usability, even at the risk of some mild public scrutiny.

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