Nintendo Switch Online Welcomes Three Classic Games

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you’re getting more for your money. How so? Three classic games are joining the roster: Castlevania Legends, Devil World, and The Mysterious Murasame Castle. These new additions span the Game Boy Colour and NES libraries, adding a dose of nostalgia and variety to the service.

So, what’s Nintendo Switch Online? For those new to the scene, this service lets players enjoy a wide selection of classic games on their Nintendo Switch consoles. It’s got different payment plans to suit your budget; choose from monthly to yearly options. It’s like a ticket to a gaming time machine. You can access NES, SNES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Colour games. The collection keeps growing, making it a solid deal for retro gamers or anyone interested in the history of video games.

The Classics

Alright, let’s talk in detail about the new games. First up, Castlevania Legends. This Game Boy Colour title, initially released in 1998, puts you in the shoes of Sonia Belmont. Armed with a whip and soul weapons, you’ll brave the ominous castle to face off against Dracula. A unique ‘Burning Mode’ lets you become invincible once per stage, useful for tricky spots.

Next, The Mysterious Murasame Castle. Here, you’re a samurai named Takamaru. Your mission? Infiltrate four castles to investigate a dark power before taking on Murasame Castle itself. Swordplay and throwing stars are your tools of the trade.

Last but not least, Devil World. As Tamagon, a dragon with a hero complex, you’ll navigate a maze, collect items, and spit fire to defeat evil. Watch out for the devil on the screen, his henchmen might move the maze and trap you.

Whether you’re an old-school gamer or new to the classics, this update provides more reasons to love Nintendo Switch Online. New thrills, old favorites, and lots of variety, it all adds to the charm of a service that continues to expand its offerings. So, the question isn’t whether you should get Nintendo Switch Online, but rather, why haven’t you already?

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