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November 2023 in Pokemon GO, list of all events, Raids, Spotlight Hours, and New Mega Evolution

Trainers, November 2023 in the world of Pokemon GO promises a month filled with exciting events and challenges. We’ve gathered insights directly from the Indonesian Pokemon GO Instagram account to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what lies ahead.

As November draws near, the Pokemon GO community eagerly awaits a series of engaging experiences suitable for both seasoned Trainers and newcomers. A significant aspect of November is the presence of seven diverse events, each catering to various playstyles. Regardless of your experience level, each week will present a fresh adventure with surprises along the way.

For those seeking a challenge, the return of the Five-star Raid Bosses is a highlight. These opponents will test not only your combat skills but also your ability to collaborate with fellow Trainers. The rewards for overcoming these challenges are substantial. Mega Evolution enthusiasts have reason to celebrate too. November 2023 brings a new wave of Mega Evolutions in Mega Raids. New reports suggest that the Mega Pokemon Mega Garchomp may make its debut in Pokemon GO this November. Let’s wait and see if these rumors come true.

In addition, there are four dedicated Spotlight Hours during the month, providing opportunities to focus on specific Pokemon. Whether you’re hunting for rare Shiny variants or stocking up on candies for your favorites, these hours will help you achieve your goals. Raid Hours are also making a return, featuring increased difficulty. These battles will test your strategic abilities to the fullest.

Pokemon GO Events November 2023

  • Dia de Muertos: November 1-November 2, 2023
  • Community Day: November 5, 2023
  • Festival of Lights featuring Tadbulb and Shiny Morellul: November 7-November 12, 2023
  • Raid Day: November 11, 2023
  • Fashion Week: November 15-November 17, 2023
  • Party Play eventForm a Group!: November 22-November 27, 2023
  • Community Day ClassicC: November 25, 2023

Mega Raids

  • Mega Banette: October 20-November 2, 2023
  • Mega Houndoom: November 2-November 12, 2023
  • Mega Garchomp according to leaks: November 12-November 16, 2023
  • Mega Kangaskhan: November 16-November 30, 2023

Five-Star Raids in November 2023

  • Darkrai: October 20-November 2, 2023
  • Genesect Douse Drive: November 2-November 9, 2023
  • Virizion: November 9-November 16, 2023
  • Cobalion: November 16-November 23, 2023
  • Terrakion: November 23-November 30, 2023

November 2023 Spotlight Hours

  • Chinchou and 2x Candy for Transferring Pokemon
  • Buneary and 2x XP for Evolving Pokemon
  • Dunsparce and 2x Stardust for Catching Pokemon
  • Lechonk and 2x XP for Catching Pokemon

Raid Hours November 2023

  • Darkrai
  • Genesect Douse Drive
  • Virizion
  • Cobalion
  • Terrakion

Pokemon Showcases

  • Duskull
  • Litwick
  • Gothita
  • Mareanie
  • Sprigatito
  • Fuecoco
  • Quaxly
  • Mareep
  • Ampharos
  • Sprgatito
  • Fuecoco
  • Quaxly
  • Lechonk

Research Breakthroughs

  • Galarian Farfetch’d
  • Larvitar
  • Sableye
  • Bagon
  • Furfrou
  • Goomy

As November 2023 approaches, we encourage you, the core of our Pokemon GO community, to share your thoughts, strategies, and expectations in the comments below. What aspect of the upcoming month excites you the most? Whether it’s the new events, challenging Raid Bosses, the allure of Mega Evolutions, or the opportunity to shine during Spotlight Hours, your insights are valued.

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