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One Star Shadow Raids lobby time decreased waiting time in Pokemon GO

We all have been there waiting for too long together with other Trainers for a Raid battle to start. But it seems that the waiting will be left in the past.

One Trainer has published on Reddit that they have noticed a decrease in waiting time in One-Star Raids. The waiting time displayed 60 seconds, instead of the eternity that we are all accustomed to. While it is a refreshment, it is not the perfect amount of lobby waiting when all of us are ready to battle a Pokemon.

The Redditor said that they haven’t tested this yet in regular One-Star Raids, but other Trainers commented that nothing has changed there, i.e. there is still 120 seconds of waiting time. Three-Star Raids also seemed to have a decrease, but that is yet to be confirmed. Some say that this is a slow rollout, with some regions slowly getting this new feature.

1* (shadow) raids lobbies have now 60s before starting
byu/ColonelSandurss inTheSilphRoad

Let’s be honest. This problem can be easily solved with one simple button, a button that should be clicked by all present Trainers, and the Raid Battle should immediately start. But oh well, why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

What do you think about this? Have you noticed a decrease in wait time?

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