Pac-Man 99 Removed from Nintendo Switch Online

It’s the end for Pac-Man 99 on Nintendo Switch Online. The game, which lets up to 99 players go head-to-head in a unique twist on the classic Pac-Man format, is officially shut down. In May, Nintendo warned players that this would happen, and the step-by-step deactivation began in August.

Starting in August, players first saw the option to purchase custom themes disappear. Then, in September, Nintendo pulled the Pac-Man 99 Deluxe Pack and the Pac-Man 99 Mode Unlock DLC from its store. Now, the game and its free themes have been completely removed, marking the end of the online services for the game.

For those who bought the game’s paid DLC, it’s not all bad news. Players can still access three offline modes and various custom themes that came with the DLC. However, if you didn’t buy it earlier, you’re out of luck as the DLC is now unavailable.

The removal of Pac-Man 99 comes on the heels of adding another 99-player game: F-Zero 99. Like Pac-Man 99, this new offering is based on the classic SNES game F-Zero, bringing 99-player racing action to the platform.

Pac-Man 99 was the third big multiplayer game to be added to Switch Online. The first was Tetris 99, added back in February 2019. Unlike Pac-Man 99, Tetris 99 continues to be available with no announced plans for its removal.

While it’s disappointing for fans to see Pac-Man 99 go, Nintendo Switch Online is constantly in flux, adding new games and features regularly. Whether the next multiplayer sensation will capture the same level of excitement remains to be seen.

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