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Player gets Shundo after 80,000 Pokemon catches in Pokemon GO

It is always great to see fellow Trainers achieve something great, and in this case, catching a Shundo.

One of the most unique things in Pokemon GO is definitely a Shundo. But you may ask, what is a Shundo?

Well, a Shundo is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game, and not many Trainers can say that they own one of this kind. To make it clearer, a Shundo is a Shiny Pokemon, but with perfect 100% IV. A Shiny Pokemon is rare by itself, now add perfect 100% to it. You get the idea, right?

Shundos are one of the most valuable Pokemon in Pokemon GO, besides Hundos. It is worth knowing that Shundo and Hundo are interlinked, where the meaning of Hundo is simply a Pokemon with perfect 100% IV. Any Pokemon that has three full bars of HP, Attack, and Defense when you appraise it becomes a Hundo. If that Pokemon happens to be a Shiny Pokemon, well, you got yourself a Shundo. All in all, finding a Shundo is a really major thing in the Pokemon GO world. I can’t put into words how important this is.

Now, one lucky Trainer has managed to catch a Shundo. But get this – after seven and a half years and over 80,000 Pokemon caught. A big number, and a really long time to find one. In the end, it all paid off – the player got a Shundo Ekans!

I am in disbelief. After 7 in a half years and over 80,000 pokemon caught, I finally got a SHUNDO!!!
byu/PrestyRS inpokemongo

Kudos to you Trainer, and we hope you will find more Shundos during your gameplay!

Have you caught a Shundo? Which one is it? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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  1. The dude should not complain, took me the same amount of time, just 100k more catches. Not to mention the game will hit 7 and half years in January 2024

  2. I didn’t even realize I had a shundo until I searched my collection (shiny&4*) – I have a shiny hundo Wobuffet! And its CP is lucky 777!

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