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Pokémon GO clicking Shiny Exeggcute during Scatterbug encounter shows Shiny Scatterbug

A Shiny Pokémon is all we are really looking for. To have one is a true honor, and the Pokémon GO community is taking that honor seriously.

It seems, that today can be crowned the Bug Day, where many bugs, glitches and other problems with Pokémon GO were discovered. First, it was with the Friends List, and now, it is about a “Shiny” Scatterbug.

One Trainer has reported that at the very same moment, a Scatterbug was popping up on their screen, they accidentally clicked on a wild Exeggcute, which turned out to be a Shiny Pokémon. Now, this bug happened to show Scatterbug as a Shiny Pokémon, however, upon catching it, the Trainer reported that their Scatterbug isn’t a Shiny Pokémon in the Pokédex.

Have you gotten this problem? Tell us in the comments below.

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