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Pokemon GO Community Demands more Avatar Customization, Hair and Body Shape Options Wanted

Trainers, there’s an interesting discussion happening over on the Pokemon GO Reddit regarding your Trainer’s style in the game. This topic revolves around the possibility of adding new Avatar customization options, specifically the ability to change hairstyles and body shapes.

It’s a sentiment that resonates with many players, and it’s hard to argue against it. If we disregard the clothing choices, most Trainers end up looking quite similar in-game. And let’s be honest, after seven years, it might be time to give those virtual locks a fresh look. But it doesn’t stop at hair. Some players want to be able to customize their Avatar’s body shape. After all, not everyone identifies with the youthful appearance of the current in-game Avatars.

The potential benefits of these new customization options go beyond just improving our Avatars’ looks. It’s also an opportunity for Niantic to generate more revenue, giving players the chance to create truly unique Avatars that feel more like them.

Why can we still not change hairstyles?
byu/shootathought inpokemongo

Now, we’re curious, do you agree with the idea of adding hairstyle and body shape customization to Pokemon GO? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these exciting possibilities. Imagine being able to truly make your Avatar an extension of yourself.

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