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Pokémon GO Halloween Team GO Rocket event and other possible shiny surprises

The last months of the year are always the most exciting ones in Pokémon GO, and there is a reason for that.

Around the end of the year, Pokémon GO players delve into the endless possibilities of fun the game offers, and as always, everything is paired up with some sort of bonuses or other interesting features that change the mood across the whole globe. Usually, around this time Trainers (me included) become impatient of what might be coming in the game but fear not, we have the answers (or PokéAK possibly has).

Your favorite content creator named PokéAK has gone deep into talking about Halloween 2023, the Halloween Team GO Rocket Takeover event, Shiny Pokémon, possible debuts and other sorts that might get your blood boiling from excitement. Trainers will be able to banish Frustration move from your Shadow Pokémon. That is not all though. We will supposedly be seeing Shadow Lugia in Shadow Raids, with the possibility of getting a Shiny Shadow Lugia.

Another thing that we might be looking forward to is Shiny Zorua, the Spiteful Pokémon. Also, there are talks of Dialga getting its signature move, known as Roar of Time, as well as Palkia’s signature move known as Spacial Rend around the time of the Hoenn Tour 2024.

Last but not least, according to PokéAK and some leaks, we will be finally seeing Shadow Hisuian Sneasel, and we promise you this will not be happening by accident (hopefully) this time. Nonetheless, it is nice to see a Shadow Pokémon worth getting excited over.

Keep in mind that nothing is officially confirmed yet, so all is subject to change.

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