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Pokémon GO level 40+ mom’s 4 am hunts spark concern from offspring over potential addiction, seeks community advice

Trainers, you might find yourselves occasionally worried about balancing your game time with your daily obligations. But have you ever been concerned about someone else’s Pokémon GO habits? Today, we’re diving into an interesting topic that came to light in the Pokémon GO community, when does passion for catching ’em all turn into a possible addiction?

User MotorSuitable5093 recently took to the Pokémon GO subreddit to share some concerns about their mom’s gaming habits. They described how their mother, a Level 40+ Pokémon GO player, is so invested in the game that it’s causing them alarm. According to MotorSuitable5093, the mom isn’t just a casual player. Nope, she wakes up at 4 a.m. just to secure an extra hour of hunting Pokémon before her workday begins. And family trips? Well, they’ve turned into Pokémon catching sprees, with mom’s eyes glued to her phone screen.

This isn’t a case of a newcomer getting swept up in the excitement. This dedicated mom had told her child that she would quit playing once she hit Level 40 and caught some specific Pokémon. Well, both milestones have been achieved, and yet the game continues to occupy much of her time.

Now, here’s where things get a tad more serious. MotorSuitable5093 explains that their mother tends to be a stressed and emotionally unstable person. The game, which might have started as a fun distraction, appears to have evolved into a source of stress and obligation for her

My mom is addicted
byu/MotorSuitable5093 inpokemongo

So, what’s to be done? MotorSuitable5093 is seeking advice from the community on how to approach the situation. And it’s a valuable conversation to have. Pokémon GO has been lauded for its ability to foster community and encourage physical activity, but like anything in life, moderation is key. If you find yourself or someone you love a little too engrossed, perhaps it’s time to evaluate how the game integrates with day-to-day life.

So, Trainers, what advice do you have for MotorSuitable5093? How do you balance your Pokémon GO adventures with real-world responsibilities? Share your thoughts and help a fellow trainer navigate this tricky terrain.

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