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Pokemon GO Niantic: Here is a Party Play feature, but you cannot explore Routes while in a Party

Party Play, is a feature you might think you will have a lot of fun with, when in reality, it is the very opposite of it. Boring, lasting only for a short period of time, and multiple restraints. Not fun.

Niantic, the maker of Pokemon GO, seems to be adding and adding many features to the game, and while that is great, the fact that none of them work with each other is discombobulating. Really, how would you expect players to maximize the benefits of a feature, when they can’t use it with other features such as Routes?

Many players have found out today that they can’t explore Routes while in a Party. The whole point of a Party is to explore together, make memories together, and even Raid together, and Niantic doesn’t let that happen. Two flagship features, Routes and Party Play, and they can’t work together. Routes can’t interact with Showcases, Party Play can’t interact with Routes, a total disaster.

In a recent interview done by GamePle, Niantic Stuff UX Designer Nao Ishitsuka has explained that at the moment, they do not have any intention of linking the two features together. Here are a few words about the situation:

Q. Team play and route cannot be done together. Is there room for improvement?

Nao Ishitsuka: Currently, as I said, we cannot proceed simultaneously. It is difficult to give a specific answer in the long term, but I think there is room for improvement because I think it is good to be able to do both at the same time. However, please understand that it is difficult to promise anything regarding long-term content.

What is your opinion on this? Do you have hope that someday this will be resolved?

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