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Pokémon GO player catches their first Shundo, leaves everyone speechless, Shundo Mew is a big deal

A Pokémon GO player recently caught their first Shundo after playing the game since its launch. For the uninitiated, a Shundo is a shiny Pokémon with 100% IVs, a combination that makes it a remarkable addition to any Trainer’s collection. And here’s the kicker, the Shundo is a Shiny Mew, captured after completing the All-in-One #151 Shiny Mew Masterwork Research. Now, if that doesn’t make your Poké-heart skip a beat, we don’t know what will.

The term Shundo is specific to Pokémon GO. It’s a fusion of the words Shiny and Hundo, the latter describing a Pokémon with perfect IVs across the board, 15 points in each of HP, Attack, and Defense. While the concept of IVs exists in other Pokémon games, Shundo is a term born out of Pokémon GO’s unique gameplay and is crucial lingo for any serious player.

Speaking of which, let’s demystify Hundo a bit more. A Hundo in Pokémon GO is a Pokémon that has maxed out stats, making it the strongest version of that species. Then there’s its antithesis, the Nundo, a Pokémon with the lowest possible stats in every category. Just like hundos, nundos are a rarity and valuable in their unique way.

Understanding what a hundo is, makes it easy to grasp the concept of a Shundo, it’s essentially a shiny hundo. Shiny Pokémon are already quite rare, and when you pair that with perfect stats, well, you’ve got yourself a pocket monster that’s worth its weight in Stardust. Given their extreme rarity, catching a Shundo is a monumental feat; many players who’ve been active for years don’t have a single one.

I’m speechless…
byu/Xtralargerock inpokemongo

And if you’re thinking the hunt for Shundos is a leisurely pastime, think again. The odds are, to put it mildly, not in your favor. With only about 1 in 4,500 wild Pokémon having perfect IVs and a 1 in 500 chance for a Pokémon to be shiny, finding a Shundo becomes a task of Herculean proportions.

Even with the tough odds, Pokémon GO Trainers around the world keep searching with high spirits. Why? Because finding these rare gems isn’t just an end but a journey that makes you a stronger player, rewards you with Stardust and Candy, and occasionally gifts you with other powerful Pokémon.

Before we wrap this up, a quick nod to historical accuracy, this isn’t the first Shundo Mew. As far as records show, that honor goes to a player named Layes369x who caught their Shundo Mew back in 2019.

Hundo Shiny Mew
byu/Layes369x inpokemongo

So, have you been lucky enough to add a Shundo to your collection? Don’t be shy, share your stories in the comments below. We’d love to hear all about your rare finds.

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