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Pokémon GO player claims Niantic violated their privacy by showing their email to other players while streaming on Twitch

Privacy is like your personal bubble in the digital world. Guarding our privacy is like protecting our personal space in the Wild West of the internet.

However, it is not a good thing when that personal space is violated by a game you trust the most, and play the most. Especially when you have a bigger fanbase, and around two hundred people watch your stream on Twitch.

This is what happened to @Lauren_lolly_ who took the chance to claim that Niantic violated their privacy by displaying their email address after the game logged them out without any warning while streaming on Twitch.

Even though they deleted the vod, it was still shown to two hundred people, and now the player is scared about their privacy, which is completely understandable. We just hope that Niantic fixes this, as it can seriously damage someone’s privacy, the most sacred thing we people have.

What do you think about this?

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Ivana Kachurova

Fresh out-of-uni writer, with a passion for gaming (a girl that likes games?!) and technology, as the newest addition to the FGR family, she will make sure to keep up with the latest news happening in the gaming community and report to you as fast as she can. Faster than The Flash. As an absolute fan of Shakespeare (the greatest human being, duh) you might find her where the gaming world and the literature world collide. The best of both worlds.


  1. Yeah it sucks that Niantic can’t ever be bother to fix all the issues that it has… BUT the streamer chose to Livestream. They know that issues may happen when doing as such, but it’s the risk of it. This is on the streamer on not anyone else.

  2. Oh no, whatever will I do when people have the spam email I use to sign up for things so my actual email doesn’t get flooded with spam.

  3. Shouldn’t of been streaming then. You gave up your privacy rights when you choose to stream live. Only one in the wrong is the streamer this time Niantic did nothing wrong.

  4. If im gonna be honest I think niantic in general breaks the rules by banning people for stupid rules in the game which make sense to any normal human yet alone they sell your dater to 3rd parties so isn’t niantics breaking there own rules lets face it they ban you for using 3rd party apps on there game but there ok to sell your personal info to 3rd party people which is a big risk in the game we all have to take on the chin and smile that there failing the game when thing like this happen rather then fix the issues and problems they will just bring another pokemon out in shiny to cover it up its a joke the hole game the amount of player and fan base they have lost is frankly a joke niantic doesn’t fix things they make up excuses its about time some one called them out on there B*** ****

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