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Pokémon GO player collects all 250 Cells to Unlock Zygarde Complete Forme, now revertible with Stardust and Candy

Trainers, the bar has been set high, one determined Pokémon GO player has cracked the code, accumulating a staggering 250 Zygarde Cells to unlock the elusive Zygarde Complete Forme. This is the first 100% Zygarde, so feel free to check the form change below.

To achieve this monumental feat, the player engaged in the all-new Routes feature, a game-changing addition to Pokémon GO that allows Trainers to discover user-generated mapped routes in their local areas. To access this feature, tap on the ‘Nearby’ menu and switch to the ‘Route’ tab. A list of nearby routes will be displayed, and from there, it’s all about lacing up your shoes and hitting the road.

Starting usually at a local PokéStop or Gym, each Route is your treasure map for Zygarde Cells. As you traverse the highlighted in-game path, you’ll come across glowing Zygarde Cells, ready to be added to your collection.

To evolve Zygarde from its 10% Forme to its 50% Forme, you need to collect 50 Cells. But to unlock the Complete 100% Forme, you’ll need a whopping 250 Cells total (50 Cells to form change to Zygarde 50%, and 200 to change Zygarde 50% Form into Complete Form). Given the dedication and legwork involved, this accomplishment is nothing short of remarkable.

Zygarde isn’t just any Pokémon; it’s a living puzzle that grows more complex and fascinating with each added cell. Some players even speculate that these cells may possess some form of independent life. To manage your growing collection of cells, a specialized Zygarde Cube comes in handy. This nifty device not only houses the cells but also allows Trainers to track Zygarde’s transformative journey.

But don’t forget, the journey to 100% isn’t a one-way street. You can revert Zygarde back to its earlier forms using Stardust and Candy, offering even more gameplay options.

So, how are you doing on your quest for 100% Zygarde? Have you managed to collect a notable number of Cells? As the story of this player shows, unlocking the Zygarde Complete Forme is a marathon, not a sprint.

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  1. The route feature doesn’t work on my phone. I’ve a Android S10+, and it will not record distance traveled while on a route. Not does it register if I have an incense going. What am I doing wrong with this, can anyone help me out?

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