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Pokémon GO player defying the odds by beating Guzzlord solo

The world of Pokémon GO is full of Trainers with many accomplishments in the community. Every time we hear of one, we get more and more surprised at how can these people be this resilient.

An impressive feat has been accomplished by a single player who not only managed to defeat Guzzlord solo, but this player has managed to get a victory over this Pokémon with level 40 Pokémon.

Currently, Guzzlord is the five-star Raid Boss, and this one will stay in Raids until October 20, 2023. So take your chance with your team to snag a Guzzlord. It might even turn out to be a Shiny Guzzlord too.

Now, onto what is more important: what Pokémon did the Trainer use to defeat this beast? Well, the player explains that they have used Regular Gardevoir (level 35), Mega Gardevoir (level 40), Xerneas (level 32), Togekiss (level 40 – used it for the last hit). What is even more amazing is that the Trainer literally needed half of the timer to beat the Beast and still have time to celebrate the solo victory.

You can solo Guzzlord with literally almost anything. I just did it with no hundos and only one lvl 40 mon. Team in the post.
byu/Brazilian-Icelandic inpokemongo

Amazing, right?

What do you think about this? Have you solo-ed a Raid? Which one, and what team did you use?

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