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Pokemon GO player stockpiles 1303 Rare Candies, to spend or not to spend?

Trainers, how’s your Rare Candy stash looking in Pokémon GO? I bet it’s not as stocked as one player who’s swimming in a staggering 1303 Rare Candies. Yeah, you heard that right, 1303. Let that sink in for a moment.

For the uninitiated, Rare Candy is basically the Swiss Army knife of Pokémon treats. Feed it to any ‘mon and voila. It transforms into that specific Pokémon’s candy. No more grinding to evolve that Pikachu, just give it a Rare Candy and the game treats it like a Pikachu Candy.

Now, Rare Candy isn’t just lying around waiting to be picked up; it’s one of those elusive Raid Rewards. And if you’ve been out of the loop, Pokémon GO also features Rare Candy XL, perfect for beefing up your Pokémon’s CP without the usual grind of catching more or strolling around with them as your buddy.

Now, get this, the player we’re talking about isn’t just a Rare Candy aficionado; they’re a full-on item hoarder with a ginormous bag space of 5,800! They’re just 40 items away from maxing out that inventory. Talk about living life on the edge, right?

I’ve been saving these since I started. My friends think it’s a crazy amount so I’m sharing it here.
byu/MistyAxe inpokemongo

So here’s the real question, what’s a Trainer to do with all that candy? Spend it like you’re at a Pokémon Black Friday sale, or keep hoarding ’em like a Dragonite with its gold? Because let’s be honest, holding onto Rare Candies “just because” is almost like wasting them.

So, what’s your two cents? Should this player go on a Rare Candy shopping spree, or should they keep adding to their Scrooge McDuck pool of candies? We’re all ears.

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