Possible 40-Player Lobbies in The Last of Us Multiplayer Game, According to Former Naughty Dog Designer

The yet-to-be-announced The Last of Us Multiplayer spin-off game might have large lobbies with up to 40 players. This new detail has come to light through the LinkedIn profile of Ian Blake, a former associate game designer at Naughty Dog. Although the game has faced some hiccups in development, these new insights are bringing to light what could be expected when the game finally releases.

Ian Blake’s LinkedIn profile reveals he was involved in an “unannounced multiplayer project with support for up to 40 clients.” Given that Blake worked at Naughty Dog, it is safe to assume that he was likely working on the multiplayer project related to The Last of Us. His profile also shows that he was responsible for various aspects of the game, such as set pieces and game refinements based on regular playtests and QA team feedback.

Ian Blake was part of Naughty Dog from December 2021 to June 2023, working there for one year and seven months. He was closely aligned with departments like Animation, Production, Art, Engineering, and Narrative. Before this role, Blake had also worked as a Big Data Developer at WB Games Boston and had prior experience as a Senior Software Engineer at Capital One. His diverse background in game and software development adds weight to the information on his LinkedIn page.

Earlier reports have suggested that development on this multiplayer title was paused, although it hasn’t been scrapped altogether. The reasons for this pause are unclear, but it is a relief for fans to know that the project has not been canceled.

If the 40-player lobbies are actual, this feature could make the multiplayer game based on The Last of Us a large-scale, action-packed experience. Ian Blake’s LinkedIn profile provides a glimmer of hope for fans waiting for concrete news about the game. Although the development has been put on hold, these new details give a peek into what could be in store when the project gets back on track.

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