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Route NPCs and Eggs, new leaks including Lycanroc in Pokemon GO

It has been a while since we last had leaks in Pokemon GO, and today, we can get a glimpse of what might be coming to the game.

Our favorite content creator PokeAK has published a video in which he gives details of the leaks. Keep in mind that nothing is officially confirmed yet, this is simply a leak and may not become available in the game.

Onto the leaks. PokeAK has gotten information on leaks regarding NPCs, Eggs, and non-combat moves. He says that the sources for the leak say that there will be NPCs on Routes, the new feature in Pokemon GO. You can encounter them while playing solo but unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be able to interact with them while in a party. These NPCs will function primarily for trading, and you can exchange gifts with them. The gifts you receive could contain rare items, or even Pokémon themselves.

PokeAK then says that you might even get the chance to receive eggs from these NPCs. With different egg rarities in the game, there’s potential to hatch some super rare Pokémon, adding a new element of surprise to your Pokémon collection.

The source also says that similar to the main series games, Trainers might soon be able to use non-combat moves outside of battles. These moves could potentially extend the radius in which you can catch Pokémon, and may even affect the duration of items like Star Pieces, Incense, and Lucky Eggs.

Last but not least, there are talks about the arrival of Lycanroc and its forms in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon has several different forms, and they are Dusk, Midday and Midnight. Each of these forms resembles a wolf and the evolutions are classified as Rock-Type forms. Lycanroc’s unevolved form is Rockruff.

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