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Shadow Lugia is unbelievably hard to catch in Pokemon GO

Shadows are lurking all around the real world, but so are in the Pokemon GO world. The thing is, they are hard to catch.

Shadow Lugia has officially arrived in Shadow Raids, and it is the Legendary Pokemon that we have all been waiting to battle and catch afterward. We all thought that it would be an easy job, but unfortunately, that is not the case. It is quite the opposite.

Many Trainers report that Shadow Lugia is nearly impossible to catch during the encounters after Raids. This Pokemon can’t sit still for even one second, as it moves constantly. Players say that the Pokemon is so high up the screen, that the PokeBall can’t even reach it to even try to catch it.

Imagine if the Shadow Lugia you encounter is a Shiny Shadow Lugia, because yes, Shadow Lugia has a Shiny Shadow form too.

One Trainer wasted sixteen PokeBalls, and get this – only five of them actually landed on the Pokemon. Shadow Lugia does the attack animation back to back, without any pause. Berries can’t even help calming this one. A few players suggest turning on AR to adjust its location on your screen, and to throw the PokeBall on it at the very end of its hectic attack animation.

Shadow Lugia is borderline impossible to catch
byu/Noah20201 inTheSilphRoad

Fellow Trainers, have you tried to catch Shadow Lugia? How lucky (or unlucky) were you?

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