Some Spider-Man 2 Physical Copies Reportedly Failing to Install in Europe

Reports are coming in from several players in Europe who are facing issues when trying to install their physical copies of the newly released Spider-Man 2. Released this past Friday, the game was promoted by Insomniac Games as being fully playable right off the disc, eliminating the need for any extended download periods. However, players have been encountering installation issues, causing quite a bit of frustration.

Based on an active Reddit thread, the problem seems concentrated in mainland Europe. Gamers from countries including Romania, The Netherlands, and Malta have voiced their difficulties in getting the game to install properly. As of now, it’s not clear how many discs are affected by this issue.

Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t seem to have a workaround yet. Players hit by this problem are left waiting for an official fix. Neither PlayStation nor Insomniac Games have made any comments about the situation.

We have reached out to PlayStation for comments and clarification on the situation. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Until then, it’s a waiting game for affected players hoping for a quick resolution to this unexpected problem.

If you’re facing this issue, keeping an eye on the Reddit thread and following any official announcements from PlayStation or Insomniac Games is advised. Sharing your experiences on forums and social media could also help shed more light on the scale and scope of the issue.

Anyone getting an installation error with the Physical Copy? (Marvel Spiderman 2)
byu/Okrym_ inSpidermanPS5_

The release of Spider-Man 2 was supposed to be a straightforward process, but this installation issue has thrown a wrench into the plans for some players. Until either PlayStation or Insomniac Games provides a fix or further guidance, all that can be done is to wait and hope for a swift resolution.

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